Saturday, October 24, 2009

*Review* Raw Natural Beauty Mineral Foundation

Yesterday I was excited to open the mailbox and find a package from Intelligent Beauty containing my Raw Minerals 7 Piece Discovery Kit. The kit included: two mineral foundations one in Light 1 (picture on the left) and the other in Light 3 (on the right), Mineral Glow Bronzer, Active Veil SPF 18, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, and a Retractable Brush. They send you two different shades of foundation so that you can choose which best matches your skin or so you can combine the two so you can make the shade that does match. I already knew upon looking at the two shades that I was the Light 1 but I tried the Light 3 today just to see what it looked like. The light 3 is very orange on me because I am so pale I am for sure the Light 1, so my sister benefits because she has a bit darker skin tone than me and the Light 3 matches her perfectly. The foundation looks great on though. It goes on smooth and a little goes a long way for sure you only need a tiny dab or else you overdo it. I find though that I can't 100% cover my blemishes with just the foundation but it might cover if you just have a few that aren't that red or bad looking. Mine are more like scabs at the moment (I broke out big time after trying a new face wash and it pretty much burned my skin). So it may just be that my skin is too rough and in the final stages of healing for it to cover naturally. I really don't mind that it doesnt cover though because I have a great liquid mineral foundation that covers anything, so it doesnt matter if my foundation can. It does cover the redness around my nose that is a result of broken capilaries (I have had them for as long as I can remember). With the mineral veil I like how matte it is as well, since I have very oily skin it helps a lot and it makes my skin look nice and matte way longer than my normal powder does. I have yet to try the bronzer though but it looks very dark so I am hoping it doesnt look too fake on me, but I will wait and try it a day that I don't have plans that way I can try it and wash it off if it doesnt look good. The kit sells for $180 which I find a little pricey though if you use all of the products its a good deal especially if you don't already own a good quality brush set. I probably wouldn't purchase the kit again after receiving it once unless I was purchasing it as a gift. I usually never wear bronzer since I rarely tend to mess with anything other than concealer and powder unless I am going somewhere special. If you already know what shade you are you can purchase the foundation seperately which sells for $30 which I find reasonable considering Mica Bella foundation is $60 a jar and I dont think you get any more in it then you do with this. If you don't know what your skin is I would recommend the kit since if you do have a skin tone that is between two shades you can mix them together and make a custom shade or just to find out which shade is right for you to order next time. Right now I am thinking about buying the eyeshadow trio its very reasonably priced (3 shadows for $35), but am having a hard time trying to figure out what colour trio to buy. It also looks like the site only accepts US orders because it won't let me choose a province when I try to set up an account. I do hope they change this soon and allow Canadian orders because I would really love to try an eyeshadow trio that makes me very sad, not that I need anymore makeup though!
You can go to if you want to purchase the kit at 50% off! That means its $90 for everything instead of $180!! You can also use the coupon code Discovery50 at checkout and get 50% off your order (no minimum purchase).

Monday, September 21, 2009

*Review* Skin Free Niaouli Scrub and Lite Moisture

I am sooo sorry this review took so long to make it here!

Awhile ago I was asked if I would like to review some products from Skin Free which is a company that uses 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients in their products. I did a review on the soap awhile ago when I had first received the package so now its time to finish reviewing the rest of the things I received and have been using for the past little while.

I love that these products have no harmful or harsh chemicals in them since I think I have figured out that is what is breaking me out to begin with! Since I have started using natural remedies or natural products I have noticed my skin looks clearer and more healthy and I haven't had much problems with acne since except for the occasional few pimples due to hormones.

First is the Skin Free Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin. I love this product! It smells sort of like menthol which I love with a hint of vanilla and it goes on really nice. It is kind of messy but I don't mind since I have used products way more messy than this. You also have to mix it up pretty much every use because its a sugar scrub and all the heavy stuff settles to the bottom. It makes my skin feel really soft and its very gentle even though it is a scrub. A lot of scrubs make my face feel raw after but this one is very nice and gentle. It's great for use every day if you choose to use it every day. I choose to use it every other day just so I don't over do it with my skin. I have noticed that my skin looks brighter after using this scrub and it does a great job at removing the dead skin cells from dried up acne without making the areas red and raw. I love this stuff! It goes a long way if you don't use it every day so its well worth the price.

Second is the Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin. At first I must say I was kind of scared to try this out because I never thought my very oily acne skin needed moisture! I figured it would just break me out even more. I also love this stuff! I have pretty much the whole jar left still though since you don't need to use very much of it, especially if you have oily skin like I do! It does help keep away the dry skin that I usually get when I have to use my harsh acne products. I always thought that drying them out was the best option but have since found out that it was just making my skin work harder and that would cause more breakouts. This product creates a nice balance between dry and oily when I have to use my harsh acne products that dry out my skin. This product is also worth the money you will spend since you don't need to use a lot so it should last you a very long time as well. I also have to add that it doesn't smell either! I have another moisturizer for oily skin and it smells like sunscreen which turns me off of using it because I hate the smell of sunscreen! This doesn't really have any distinct smell that I can tell, a slight vanilla one but its not really strong enough that you notice it once its on your face which makes it even better to use because I don't notice it by the smell all day on my face.

Overall I highly recommend these products if you are looking for all natural alternatives to skincare that really do work. I would post a picture of my awesome amazing skin at the moment, except it doesn't look all that great with the black eye and all the bruising from the surgery! Plus I have been neglecting my skincare routine since Thursday because its very painful to wash my face where all the swelling and bruising is, but trust me my skin hasn't looked this good in at least almost three years!

For more information or to purchase the products you can go here:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

*Review* Maybelline Shine Seduction Lip Gloss

This lip gloss has won the best beauty award in 2007, but I honestly can't see why. I like the colours available and its nice when you first apply it. It goes on super smooth and nice. It also doesn't glob or end up in the corner of your mouth. I also love the shine and sparkle of it too. The only problem I have is that it doesn't last very long. I have to keep reapplying every half hour because its completely gone from my lips. I don't lick my lips or eat or anything like that and it just seems to disappear, which is disappointing because I love everything about it except it has no staying power. This is the first lip gloss that I have ever went through this fast! It's actually quite sad. I think it retails for about $8 and I doubt I would spend that much money on it. I will just try to compare the colour I have to another brand to try.

Monday, August 17, 2009

*Review* Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

I started using this a few weeks ago when I ran out of other face washes to use. I'm not really sure about this stuff at the moment. It has its ups and downs. I am thinking at this point more downs than ups but am finishing off the rest of the bottle since it was just a sample sized bottle or one of those gift with purchase trial sizes. I find it really really runny, well that was expected since it said it was cleansing milk but I really don't like that its so runny and milky in consistency. It makes it really hard to apply on your face without making a mess or wasting a lot of it down the sink. This stuff also burns! At least it did to my skin it started out as a nice tingle then started burning after a few seconds as I was applying more to the rest of my face. I couldn't wash it off quick enough. Not sure if I am allergic to something in it or if thats what it does to everyone, or if I just have really sensitive skin, but I didn't like that feeling. The only positive I can think of is that I haven't broken out or anything yet as a result of using the Clinique Cleansing Milk so it does get some praise for not breaking me out when most other products do.

*Review* Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

I have been using this mascara now for quite awhile after my whole episode with the Maybelline brand. I like this mascara way better then the Maybelline mascara. At least this stuff comes off with a bit of soap and water and no rubbing required so no sore eyes. It also doesn't smudge or run or anything which is great for the really warm weather we are currently getting. I especially love that its so easy to take off at the end of the day so that I don't end up with sore eyes again like with the Maybelline horror story I talked about earlier this year. The only complaint I really have is that the wand is really awkward to use at first. Now I am used to it so it isn't as difficult but I still find it harder to use compared to others I have used in the past. The wand is pretty big so I have to go a bit slower to avoid getting mascara on places other than my eyelashes, and I find it hard to do the left eye mainly because I am right handed and the wand is awkwardly shaped. Also the tube that the mascara is in won't stand up straight its pretty top heavy so it always falls over when I set it on the sink to do my mascara which is kind of annoying since it falls over and rolls off the sink. It needs to have a thicker base so that it sits on a surface without falling over. The actual brush for the mascara is pretty big as well and it makes it a bit more difficult I find to get it on without making a mess. I am used to smaller more precise brushes so it did take a long time to get used to, and I am not sure if I am even 100% used to it now. Overall though I do like this mascara I just wish it had a bit better packaging so that it was easier to handle and apply and then I would be totally in love with it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

*Review* Perfect 10 Hair Colour

Like I mentioned awhile ago I puchased the perfect 10 hair colour with bonus pantene expressions shampoo. I dyed my hair last Sunday and it turned out amazing perfect colour everything. BUT now its a week later and there is barely any colour left in my hair. :( I don't really know if its just because I washed my hair too soon after dying it or if its because of the red colour, or maybe my hair just isn't taking hair dye, all I know is that my hair is now a light orange/brown colour and almost back to where I started a week ago. Also every time I wash my hair dye comes out on the hair towel, its been like this all week. It is most likely washing out not fading out so I have no idea why that is happening especially a week later. This is really depressing because I loved the colour sooo much and it didn't even last a week. Plus I have been using the colour treated pantene red expression stuff as well so the colour should be keeping. I think it might just be my hair because when I was in Toronto the salon colour did the exact same thing. I really have no idea what to do other than letting it grow out to my natural colour again. This is really depressing though. I do have another box left so what I will do is dye it on a Thursday night and not wash my hair for a day or two well all weekend leave it just to see if that makes a difference. Since I don't think I waited long enough before washing my hair after dying because I had to work and couldn't not wash my hair or it would look really bad for work. So it didn't get the full 48 hours you are supposed to wait before washing your hair after dying it. Not too sure that will make much of a difference but guess I will see what happens in a month or two when I notice roots. If that doesn't work then maybe grow it out and not waste the money on something that is going to wash out after a week. I picked up two more boxes after doing my hair Sunday but will be returning one of them this weekend just in case the next time it washes out the same don't want to waste money on something that isn't going to stay longer than a week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*Rumour?* Physician's Formula Makeup

Rumour has it that Shoppers Drug Mart has a Physician's Formula Eyeshadow Shimmers with Bonus Mascara on for 10.49 (save 40%). If you are like me and still have the $3 off coupons for Physicians Formula then you can snag it for 7.49 which is a very great bargain for this brand. I plan on going Saturday to see if they have it at our Shoppers and plan to pick up one (or two) depending on what is available.

My Awesome Find Nice and Easy Perfect Ten with Bonus Pantene Expressions Shampoo!

On the weekend at Walmart I found kits of Perfect 10 hair colour with bonus Pantene Expressions shampoo so I picked one up because I was on the hunt for a hair dye similar to what they did my hair when I was in Toronto for the photoshoot. The price was posted at 13.59 which is the price of just the box of hair dye. So I was thinking it was a great bargain since you were getting the shampoo (value 7.49) free. When I got to the check outs in scanned in at $10!!! So I got the shampoo free AND saved 3.59 on the hair colour! Even better deal! I went back on Monday and grabbed a couple more of the Light Auburn Perfect 10 and bonus Red Expressions shampoo because I love this colour on me! They do have select shades though so you are kind of out of luck if you don't use either Light Auburn, Dark blonde (I think it was dark blonde but I might be wrong), Light Brown or Med Brown. Also there are coupons out there for $3 off Nice and Easy as well if they will let you use them on the bonus package which they should so you could get it for $7.

Monday, July 20, 2009

*Review* Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap and Shampoo

Ok so I received this as well as a few other products from this company awhile ago but so far have only used the soap, since I am still testing out the other acne products for a little bit. I have been using this soap since I received it on the third and it doesn't even look like I have really used it at all. It seems to last a long time because right now it looks basically brand new. At first I wasn't sure if I should try the soap because I thought it might be too moisturizing for me since its supposed to clear up eczema so I was going to pass it on to my mom who has very dry skin to use. I decided to give it a try anyway and if it wasn't for me then I was going to pass it on to someone here that could use it. I actually really like this soap. I was kind of afraid to use it when I got it because its supposed to be extra moisturizing and my skin does not need the extra moisture! I have such oily skin usually that I can't use anything that even has the word moisture in it. I do however have sensitive skin and certain things seem to break me out, so I decided to go ahead and try this soap anyway. It leaves my skin soft and not waxy or oily even though it says its extra moisturizing. It leaves a nice clean feel without residue and no weird filmy feeling. It has also helped a bit with my chest acne. Maybe I was just allergic to something in the soap I was using before. The soap is free from chemicals, colorants, fragrance etc, so it would be pretty hard to pinpoint which one breaks me out with regular soap. I haven't used it as a shampoo yet though, mainly because I forgot that it could be used as a shampoo. Am not 100% sure about using it as a shampoo though it does lather well I am kind of stuck on one brand of shampoo that I know makes my hair nice, though I might try it some weekend when I have a day off that way if it doesn't work out then no big deal no one will see it anyway.
Also if you want to check out the site you can do so here:

*Update* Clear Remedy Acne Treatment

Ok so my last post on this was the 9th so its time for another update I believe. So far so good with the acne. My whole face is actually pretty clear. I would say about 98% of my face is clear with no acne. My chin area still has a bit and I do have one on my forehead but it sure beats the full out forehead and chin acne that I used to have! Plus this time of the month is the worst usually for acne so I am glad that I haven't had the full breakout that I normally get around that time of the month. Though I do think that is the contributing factor in the bit of acne I have right now because my face was almost 100% clear the last time I updated. I have stopped using the hydrating lotion though because I found it made my skin too oily and I found I had to powder more often and blot my forehead a lot. So I stopped using it and probably won't unless I find the other treatments are starting to dry my skin out then I will start. I also rarely use the spot treatment since I haven't had anything come up that bad lately that I need to take care of. The cleanser and acne treatment lotion seem to be working great on their own so if I can eliminate a few steps in the morning that's even better since I don't have a ton of time to get ready anyway.

Also use the Coupon code: GETCLEAR30 and save 30% off and free ground shipping!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Avon Mineral Makeup Deal!

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have an avon rep in your area to get a book and check it out. They are offering a try me special price on all their mineral makeup. The eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick are going for $3.99 regular $6.99 and I think the mineral foundation is going for $6.99 not sure the regular price, but still an awesome deal. Regular price isn't even that bad of a deal considering what I paid for all of my mineral makeup that I currently own. I am trying to not buy any but I'm not sure how long the will power will last because I really want a certain shade of the eyeshadow and I want the blue mineral eyeliner.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

*Review* Clear Remedy Acne Products

I was supposed to be posting weekly updates but I realize its been more like two! I have been so busy with work and trying to get my laptop and wireless up and running in the short amount of spare time I do have now that I just haven't had time till now. The laptop still isn't functional I had to exchange the first because the touch pad mouse didn't work and now this one I have to wait till we get a wireless company to come out and see how much it will cost to get both computers set up with wireless.

Ok so on to the review...I have been using all four steps of the Clear Remedy system for close to two weeks now and I must say that I have noticed an improvement in my skin! I didn't see results in three days like they claim, but my skin was pretty bad so I really wasn't expecting a fast fix anyway. After about a week I started noticing the difference. My existing pimples have started to dry up and disappear and I haven't seen any new breakouts form since I have started using the system. I also notice that I don't get the painful bumps under my skin either. Well I haven't since using this treatment, and I used to get them quite frequently. I also notice that the few pinkish/gray scars I had on my forehead from those painful cystic pimples have faded some, that may just be my imagination but I really do think they aren't as noticeable. I used to have to cover them with cover up like I did my pimples and now just pressed powder takes care of covering them. My skin feels smooth no bumps under the skin and for the first time in a few years I can actually wear very little foundation and cover up which I am liking especially for summer. It does take me a bit longer to get ready in the morning because of all the steps but it is very worth the extra 5 minutes to use all four steps before doing makeup.
I have to add that a little goes a long way with these products so you don't have to use a ton, especially with the acne treatment lotion, hydrating lotion and acne spot treatment lotion. I have to be especially careful with the hydrating lotion since I have naturally very oily skin. I don't need much hydrating even after using all of the drying products. I would also advise that if you have dryish skin I would use the acne spot treatment VERY sparingly or you will probably start peeling like a sunburn if you don't use enough of the hydrating lotion. The company said they sent me enough to last two months but I think it will last longer. The cleanser I think will probably last the couple months but the rest of the products will last me longer because I only use them on the areas that I need them (forehead and chin), and you don't need to use a lot so I think they all may last much longer then I had first thought.
Now the part that makes me die a little inside. Each box that the products came in has the retail price on them. The Purifying Cleanser is $30, the Hydrating Lotion is $40, the Acne Treatment Lotion is $65 and the Acne Spot Treatment is $30. Now I don't know about anyone else I just don't have the budget to spend much on myself right now with plans for school and buying a car etc. Which is where most of my money will be going this year. I have figured out a way to cut the cost a little bit though. I probably wouldn't purchase the Hydrating Lotion which eliminates $40, just because I have oily skin and I really don't need to moisturize a whole ton. Depending on how long the products last it may not work out to be that much a month when I break down the cost that way. I try to look at the cost per month vs. the whole cost at once. So if they last me four months instead of two then that is only $33.75 a month on three products that do the job. Plus when you factor in all the products I have sitting in the bathroom that I bought that didn't work, or made the problem worse I am probably saving money by just spending the money on what does work.

Pros so far:
  • Noticed a difference in my skin after about a week of use
  • No new breakouts since using Clear Remedy
  • Existing pimples are disappearing
  • Scarring isn't as bad as what I remember it being
  • Skin feels soft and smooth for the first time in awhile
  • A little product goes a long way and will probably last longer than two months
  • Pricey if you don't have the money in your budget
  • Not sure I really need the hydrating lotion since I have oily skin

Coupon code: use GETCLEAR30 and save 30% off and free ground shipping!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

*Review* The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

Ok so I was suckered into buying this stuff a few months ago when it was out because it was a limited edition product and wouldn't be around for long. Plus I loved the smell but I love most of the scents that they have at The Body Shop. I usually wouldn't spend $25 on something for myself especially not when its just a jar of body butter. I guess I must have been in a spending mood, and besides it was bought with Christmas money so free to me. I have to say its well worth the money I spent! I love the smell of it which is what really got me to seriously consider buying it, even though I had a ton of similar products at home. The smell doesn't fade at all and it lasts all day until you shower it off. Not like a few other body butters I have bought that lost their smell a few hours after applying. It goes on really nice and doesn't leave any after greasy feel at all. Also a little goes a long way especially since I don't have dry skin. Instead its the opposite very very oily skin so I was worried about this body butter. It leaves my skin nice and soft and doesn't break me out. Every time I open the jar it makes me want raspberries! I love it so much that I actually went out and found matching deoderant to wear haha. This is my all summer scent I have decided since I can just use the body butter and nothing else and can enjoy the lasting scent. I have other sets where I have to apply the body butter, then use the body spray as well to get a decent scent, and then it fades really quickly. Then I am left back at square one and would have to carry everything with me to reapply if I wanted the scent all day.

  • smells amazing! Good enough to eat actually though I wouldnt recommend it!
  • large jar will last a long time since a little goes a long way
  • leaves skin soft
  • doesn't leave a greasy after feel
  • is a great summer scent
  • pricey
  • large jar might go bad before I use it all since there are no additives to keep it for a long period of time
Overall I would give this product a 9/10!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Surprise In The Mail!

I was at work yesterday morning again in the post office when yet another big box showed up for me! The products that were in the box were also packaged really well but with packing peanuts. At first I had no idea what I was getting because in my giant mess of things that is life at the moment I had totally forgotten about another product to test and review on the blog! I couldn't wait to tear into the box. It was a pretty big box for the three things in it but at least they were very well protected which I would rather have then leaking broken products even if it means going to the post office to pick up parcels (though now I don't have to since I work there!).

Ok so a little about the products that I received. These products are by Skin Free. They are an American based company but are expanding into Canada with the help of distributors. Which is great because that was my first question when I replied to their email was that I was in Canada and did they ship here. They sell products that are free from fragrance, preservatives, colourants and unnecessary parabens. I am super excited to try this stuff out because I am usually allergic to everything and with this stuff being all natural without anything harmful added hopefully it will be near impossible to break out. They sent me an Extra Moisturizing Soap and Shampoo Bar that is supposed to be great for people with allergies, dermatitis, dry skin or very sensitive skin. They also sent me Niaoui Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin and Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin which have organic Niaouli oil to sooth skin and help your skin retain moisture to balance out your skin.

I have already thrown the bar of soap in the shower and used it last night. It came just in time because I was out of soap! I will use it for at least a week though before I review it. In the meantime you can check out their site here.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Need To Know!

What beauty products could you not live without? If you were told tomorrow that you could only keep three items from your beauty stash what would you choose to keep?

This is just a random post just because I'm curious what other people would choose as their must have items. Plus I am looking for brands or products to look at for myself since I need to clean out my makeup bags big time. I am pretty sure I have makeup in there from when I was 13 or 14! I found an electric blue hooker looking eyeshadow about a month ago that I had forgotten about, so I used it just to see what it looked like and I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it! It was badly blue and bright not at all subtle. Better yet what the heck was my mom thinking when she actually allowed me to buy it when I was 13 haha.

I honestly have no idea what three I would really want to keep because I would want to keep all of it, I am such a makeup addict! I guess I would need my maybelline mineral concealer because of my skin unless it cleared up then I wouldn't care if I put anything on my face to cover up. I would need my maybelline mineral powder since I have seriously oily skin that is horrible even when I do powder it. I also think I would need eyeshadow. Though its tough between eyeshadow and lip gloss. I think I would have to stick with my Marcelle eyeshadow quad though that way I could use the darkest colour as a liner (hehe thats how I get around that!).

P&G Brandsampler Program Open Again!

The next batch of P&G samples are available to order again! Go here to request your samples, but hurry samples will go fast! They have I think 8 products being offered this time around. There is a pantene shampoo for coloured hair, pantene shampoo for damaged hair, deoderant, tampons, pads, razor and I can't remember what else but I was offered 6 of the 8 products offered!

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara $5 Coupons

This mascara retails for around $18.99 but if you go here you can score 3 $5 off coupons to use on your next purchase of the new pulse perfection mascara!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got An Awesome Surprise In The Mail Today!

Well I just recently got a job at the local post office well part time post office, other part doing a makeup/skincare line, but am in training so full time at the post office for now. Imagine my surprise when I see a fairly large box with my name on it! I was excited but had to wait till I started putting packages into the system before I could see who it was from. Right away I knew it was my Clear Remedy products to test when I saw that it came from Intelligant Beauty. I have to say that when I got home and could open it I was so surprised to see that it was actually packaged really really well so that it wouldn't get damaged! It's a good thing they used a larger box and packed it full of what I call grass haha (no it wasn't actually grass but I made a huge mess with it ripping into the package), the one whole side of the box was all squished in acordian style. Lovely, thank you postal services. Everything in the box was fine though because of all the extra precautions taken to package it well.
In the package was a letter on top thanking me for trying and reviewing the product which I thought was really nice that it was personalized and signed by someone and they let me be in the know about a few upcoming campaigns they are going to be doing which I hope I can review as well because they sound really awesome! Next after I got out the first layer of paper grass there was a booklet that says "Clear Skin Starts Here" and it is a guide to clear healthy skin which is a nice bonus. It tells you a bit about acne and who suffers from it, as well as what acne is. They also have some fact and fiction about acne which I found interesting. So now I can prove to my mom that chocolate doesn't cause acne. There are also tips to prevent acne and near the back it shows you in what order to use the acne system, and what each product does. Next were the products yay my favourite part. I received the purifying cleanser, hydrating lotion, acne treatment lotion, and acne spot treatment lotion. The boxes also say the products are dermatologist and sensitivity tested, hypoallergenic, colour and dye free, and paraben free. Added plus since I was hoping for something more on the natural side instead of what is usually out there for acne treatment.
I can't wait to try these out! Something I will be doing starting tomorrow and will update on how well it works in the next week or so. I received enough product for 60 days of use so hopefully this will take care of some of the issues I am having with my skin.

I almost forgot enter the code GETCLEAR30 at checkout on the Clear Remedy site and receive 30% off AND free ground shipping!
You can also follow Clear Remedy on Twitter for exciting articles, promotional codes, and interesting facts.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Too Faced Makeup!

I recieved my awesome package last Monday from Too Faced from the Gwen Stephani Blog Contest I won. I so love the packaging of everything they sent me and the colours look amazing. I can't wait to try it all out. Everything seems so luxurious and it is cause it is pretty pricey stuff compared to what I usually pay. I am hoping it doesn't disappoint because the packaging = love. I just had to share the amazingly awesome slogan they have to let people know they don't test on animals. "We test on celebrities not animals" Any product that uses that has to be worthy of my business! Maybe no one else will see why I like that so much haha I just find it amusing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clear Remedy Acne Treatment

The other day I received an email from Intelligent Beauty. They asked me if I was interested in testing out a 60 day supply of Clear Remedy Acne Treatment and writing a review. Of course I agreed! I have been struggling with acne for the last two years (ever since I turned 18). Almost everything I have tried has failed to impress me so far. The only exception being tea tree oil which I currently use and it helps a bit but I still get acne outbreaks more than I would like. When I receive the product I will be doing weekly updates on my skin and if its improving and any other details that need to be noted, and maybe if I am brave enough perhaps a before and after picture?!

So first some basics about the Clear Remedy Line:

How does Clear Remedy work?

Clear Remedy attacks and fights acne at the source and is clinically proven to heal existing blemishes and to help
prevent future breakouts.

How is Clear Remedy effective?

Clear Remedy is effective as result of a 3-step system, which delivers a propriety combination of 13 functional
ingredients to the skin.

How do 3 steps work?

Step 1:
Unclog Pores with the Purifying Cleanser that contains Multifruit BSC which helps exfoliate and clear away dead cells, surface oils, debris and other pore cloggers.
Step 2:
Kill Bacteria with the Acne Treatment Lotion that provides oxygenating agents that prevents acne bacteria to grow.
Step 3:
Hydrate & Clarify with the Hydrating Lotion that delivers an Advanced Moisture Complex to boost skin's hydration level.

For more info visit: iQ Clear Remedy

Here is what they offer in terms of the Clear Remedy Line and prices (which are pretty reasonable):

Purifying Cleanser - $35
Acne Treatment Lotion - $65
Hydrating Lotion - $40
Acne Spot Treatment - $30
Try Me Kit - $30
Nutritional Supplements - $45

I would probably recommend the try me kit first if you want to test out the products before committing to the full size before you know if it works.

Now here is what I really love!

The Clinical Results
Acne Reduction
saw a reduction in breakouts
reported a reduction in blackheads & pimples
reported clear skin with no active acne
saw clearer skin in just 3 days - and 100% saw results within a week

Those 4 stats alone make me sooo excited about trying this product out and I can't wait to receive it!

Now the best part for my readers, if you are interested in purchasing the Clear Remedy 3 Step System use the code GETCLEAR30 to get 30% off and Free Ground Shipping!

*offer good for U.S residents only. If you are a Canadian resident and are interested in the offer let me know and I can forward your request on to the company and they will set you up with the offer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dev's Favourite Giveaways Blog Mixology Makeup Giveaway

Dev's Favourite Giveaways Blog is giving one lucky person the chance to win a Mixology Eye liner kit in Bronze & Iris and an eyeliner brush. To enter visit the blog here and get your entries in for a chance to win!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

*Review* Schick Intuition Razor

I recently got to try these free as part of a promotion they held, if someone gave you a pin code you could enter it and get up to 6 free razors for you and your friends. I am glad that I did get to try these razors free because they are expensive plus I don't think they are that great. The are very convenient though as the razor is all you need. No shaving cream or gel and virtually no mess. I like the built in moisturizing soap I guess you would call it that is around the razor. They are great if you are in a hurry and just need to quickly go over your legs before getting dressed. I don't really recommend them though for normal shaving since if your hair is anything longer then stubble it tends to be hit or miss and I find I have to go over my legs again with my other disposable razor that I use for under my arms. The Schick razor is also bulky and awkward to use on anything other then your legs so you will need a seperate razor for other areas. The soap also wears down unevenly mine tends to wear off the bottom first and the top seems to be the only part left, but you still have to throw it out cause if you use it that way you get intense razor burn. The razor is only good for about 4 or 5 shaves since the strip wears away that fast unless you use them with shaving cream/gel after the strip wears away but that kind of defies the purpose of using this razor. The razor does leave my legs really soft though which I like, and for me its hit or miss whether it gives me razor burn or not. If my leg hair is just stubble then I seem to be fine and get by with just using this razor without razor burn, but if its a bit longer hair then it seems to miss spots and get clogged and I have to press harder and I do get razor burn.
My sister loves these razors and she doesn't seem to complain about razor burn like I do, so I am guessing my legs must be sensitive like the rest of my body so I have to be picky about what I use on them. I probably won't be buying the refills for these when I am finished with them just because they are too expensive for how they work. I much prefer a disposable razor and shaving gel.

  • convenient if you are in a hurry
  • soap strips condition legs and leave them soft
  • refills are expensive
  • awkward to use on areas other then legs
  • need to have a backup razor for spots this razor misses and for other areas of your body
  • soap wears down unevenly on the strips
  • only get about 4 or 5 uses out of the razor before the strip wears down
  • hits and misses spots of hair
  • gives me razor burn most of the time
Overall I would give this product a 3/10!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Forever and Always Blog Mineral Basics Giveaway

The Forever and Always Blog is giving one lucky person the chance to win a Easy Eye Color Mineral Makeup Kit of their choice! Go here to enter this awesome giveaway.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mommy Goggles Blog Mary Kay Giveaway

Mommy Goggles is giving 3 lucky people the chance to win A mini version of the Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover along with a mini Eye Quad (four great shades of Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color).
Go here to enter the contest!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 Proactiv Giveaway

The mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 blog is giving 5 readers the chance to win a proactiv 3 step system! All you have to do to enter is answer three easy questions.
Go here to enter the giveaway

*Review* Maybelline Greatlash Mascara

I finally opened up this mascara yesterday after having it for a few months...I kept it sealed in the packaging though so it kept. It was a buy one get one free deal so my mom bought one and gave me the free one. I usually never wear mascara because I used to only wear glasses and when I would wear mascara my eyelashes would hit my glasses and it was annoying. I finally have contacts though and now wear them when I go out so I can start wearing mascara!
I really don't know the price of the mascara since I didn't buy it but I think it is somewhere around $3 a tube, which is a great price. The site says its contact wearer safe so perfect for me and it is hypoallergenic.
I'm unsure about this mascara right now. I have mixed feelings about it. Some qualities of it I like and some I hate. My first impressions are that it goes on well, it doesn't clump at all and I didn't have to comb through my lashes a ton of times to get it to look nice. It also didn't feel like I was wearing mascara it felt natural enough and my eyelashes weren't overly stiff. The brush was a nice size as well and made it easier to apply. It dries very fast as well which is a plus for me because I don't like the ones that take forever to dry or feel sticky. I didn't like that my eyelashes stuck straight out and no amount of curling them could make them do anything other than stick straight out. It's not overly dark or anything either. I don't like the natural look of it, if I wanted a natural look I wouldn't use mascara since my lashes are already thick and dark.
When I had to take my contacts out last night the mascara didn't come off with my contacts so that was a great plus since it stayed on my lashes and didn't end up on my contacts. It took forever to actually wash it off my lashes though, that was a huge con. This stuff is waterproof and then some. I think I may actually still have some on my lashes because I gave up after about 15min. I tried makeup remover pads and it took some of it off but I noticed after not all of it, so then I tried soap and water and that took a bit more off but still not sure all of it came off, at that point my eyes were sore from rubbing them so I stopped trying to take it off. The website for maybelline says to use their makeup remover to take it off but that is just a marketing tactic, my mom said to use baby oil because that is what she uses and it takes it off really well. I hate baby oil on my eyes though it makes my eyes blurry and greasy feeling and I hate that.

  • applys well
  • doesn't clump
  • lightweight doesn't feel heavy
  • brush is nice
  • quick drying
  • doesn't come off when I take my contacts out
  • inexpensive
  • did nothing special for my lashes
  • lashes stuck straight out and didn't curl at all no matter what
  • not very dark looks very subtle you can hardly notice it
  • had a hard time removing it at the end of the day tried makeup remover and soap and water and nothing seemed to take it off 100%
Overall I would give this product a 2/10.

I wasn't overly wowed but it works average, would I buy it? Probably not I prefer my mascara to show up a bit more when I use it. I also like something that helps curl my lashes and comes off a bit easier.

Edited to add: Yesterday was day two of wearing this mascara and I officially hate it. Last night I spent so long trying to get the mascara off that I now have an open sore on the corner of my eye that is so very painful. :( I think I am finished with using this mascara and will switch to the covergirl stuff I have that says it comes off with soap and water. Oh and I did use baby oil and it still didn't come off...I am pretty sure I still have 75% of the mascara still on my lashes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

*Review* Conair Ultra Slim Ceramic Hair Straightener

I bought this about a month ago when it was on sale at walmart for $18. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a hair straightener since the one I did own cost $10 and it was a Revlon travel sized straightener which worked ok but it didn't have any different heat settings and took 10minutes to heat up which was frustrating, plus since it didn't have any heat settings sometimes it would get so hot I would get steam burn from it! I bought the Conair brand because it was the cheapest option even with the regular price (about $22) and I knew I was only going to use it occasionally since I am just too lazy to straighten all my hair (I have a lot of hair and it takes FOREVER). Also the Conair straightener has only 3/4 inch plates vs my Revlon one which was 2 inches and hard to get close to my hair line. Also it was hard to handle sometimes since it didn't even have a handle you had to hold onto the parts close to the plates, hence how I always ended up with steam burn! I usually only straighten my bangs since they are about cheekbone length normally or a little longer and they dry funny and all curly, also sometimes my shortest layers go weird if I go to bed with my hair wet so I need to straighten them in the morning.

I have to say I really love this straightener! It heats up in 30 seconds (I think it said 60 on the box but its definitely faster then that!) and has a light to indicate when its hot. It has 25 different heat settings (0 being for fine hair 25 for coarse thick hair). I usually leave it on around 5-10 because that seems to be hot enough for my hair, well the parts that I do. If I was doing my entire head I would probably set it at about 15 because I have really thick hair and it would take less time to do the hotter its set. It also leaves a shiny finish with no fly aways. The handle on it is also amazing since its curved and feels great in your hand. The cord is nice and long as well which is great for me because I am tall and sometimes can't do my hair in the bathroom so have to settle for my bedroom and I don't have a plug in that is really close to a mirror. It's probably not as great as a more expensive model but it gets the job done and works good enough for me to not have any complaints, though I haven't attempted to do all my hair yet.

  • Inexpensive
  • different heat settings for different hair types
  • small plates that get close to the hair line
  • leaves hair shiny and smooth with no fly aways
  • long cord
  • nice curved handle that works well with your hands
  • heats up really quick
  • have read that it cracks easily if dropped (I haven't dropped mine so I don't know how true it is but I will try to avoid that as much as possible!)
  • The highest settings are really hot and I wouldn't recommend using them unless you need to because they will probably damage your hair.
Overall I would give this product a 9.5/10!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Savings Blog Burt's Bees Giveaway

From now until Friday the Sweet Savings blog is giving away a Burt's Bee's Lip Balm to the first ten people who leave a comment to the post!

go here to enter! Looks like there is one spot left open for today and then tomorrow starts out fresh again so get there early and enter! She accepts Canadian as well as U.S entries!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

*Review* Mario Badescu Drying Mask

I tried the drying mask out a few nights ago because I had some bad acne I desperately wanted to clear up before starting theatre shows so I started using the drying mask the same night I recieved the products to test. Let me tell you this mask smells soooooooo bad its horrible. The smell makes me nausous so I just dabbed it on the acne that I wanted to dry up. I doubt I could have stood the smell of the sulfur for 20 minutes on my entire face. It made it smell less strong that way but it still smelled pretty bad. With that aside, the mask works amazingly well. It dried up all the acne and it actually was almost completely healed the next day. It was all dry and flaked away. I have never had anything work that fast before. It also made my skin soft not rough and flaky but nice. I really wish it didn't smell as bad or I would actually purchase it but the smell is just such a huge turn off its so bad you can almost taste it, yet it works so amazingly well that I am torn. It's tough cause I really like what it did for my skin but for me the smell is just as important. It is also a little on the pricey side. Around $20 for a small amount, but it goes a long way if you don't use it on your entire face like it says.

  • noticed a difference in my skin after one use
  • dried out acne and left the areas soft and not rough and flakey
  • a little goes a long way if you just apply it to the areas that need it
  • smells very bad, made me feel nausous (probably the sulfur)
  • pricey
  • has to sit for 20min on your face (bad for me cause I wear glasses and can't sit around for 20min with a face mask on)
Overall I would give this product a 7/10!

It works really really well but I can't get over that smell its horrible!

Cinnamon Kitten Blog Spring Giveaway Contest

From now until June 30th the Cinnamon Kitten Blog is holding an awesome spring giveaway with tons of awesome prizes! All you have to do is email your beauty saving tips!

From the Blog: "How to enter:
- Email your money-saving beauty tips to me at
- Include your money-saving tips in your message
- Include your full name and the country where you live in your message"

head on over to the blog now or email her your tips to be entered to win

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mario Badescu Skin Care Products

Today in the mail I recieved a ton of samples to test out from the Mario Badescu acne skin care line. I was sent:
  • Botanical Facial Gel
  • Special Cleansing Lotion C
  • Ceramide Eye Gel
  • Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Drying Mask
  • Healing and Soothing Mask
  • Drying Cream
First impression are positive, I am really hoping this helps clear up my acne before I start doing my performances or at least helps a little since I know its too much to ask since shows start tomorrow. I think the drying mask really really really stinks! I'm not sure if I could stand the smell of it for 20min on my face. So my plan of attack for that is to just dab it on all the acne spots I have and see if that works. Everything else smells ok not too overpowering so hopefully they will work on my skin and not create more problems.
I also lik ethat they made up a whole product application guide for me tailored to my skin needs. Though I'm not sure I want to use 9 different products on my skin at once. I am thinking of using only a few products at a time in case something breaks me out. I will write reviews on each product once I have used them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

*Review* Dove Go Fresh Body Wash

I received a coupon for a free bottle of the new dove body wash when it was first coming out. I picked up the energizing lemongrass and grapefruit scent since it was the only one that smelled appealing to me. I did enjoy this product it went on nice and lathered well. The scent was subtle and not overpowering and I found that it left my skin feeling clean and soft. There were some scrubbing beads in the body wash that I could have done without though, since most seemed to stick in my body puff anyway and those took forever to try and clean out. Also I found that the label on the outside of the body flaked after getting wet and I ended up covered in the label after picking it up and it seemed to stick to my hands. It is pretty pricey for a small bottle so I doubt I would purchase it again without either a really good coupon or a really good sale.

  • Scent was subtle and not overpowering
  • lathered well
  • left my skin feeling clean and soft
  • could have done without the beads since most ended up on the puff and not my skin
  • pricey unless you have a coupon or a sale
  • label peels off and sticks to your hands when wet
Overall I would give this product a 7/10.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous Blog Foxy Mineral Makeup Giveaway

They are giving one lucky person the chance to pick out two eyeshadows and a lip gloss in their choice of colours! So head on over to the Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous Blog to get your entry in!

Beautiful 2 God Blog Mineral Basics Giveaway

The Beautiful 2 God Blog is giving a lucky person the chance to win a Mineral Basics Starter kit!
So head on over to the blog here and enter for you chance to win.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

*Review* Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

Like the previous post stated I got the sample sized packet of the Pore Unclogging Scrub to try out as well. I quite like this product too because it is gentle on your skin, and it left my skin really soft and smooth and free of oil for a long time after washing my face. The beads in the scrub aren't too harsh and weren't sharp like some other scrubs that I have used. The scrub is a little harsh though if you use it daily. I noticed after awhile my skin was starting to get dry scaley patches where I had acne clearing up. I guess you could say this stuff works too well! It works great if you use it a few times a week but I really wouldn't recommend it for daily use since it left my very very very oily skin dried out, which I have never had happen before ever! It costs about the same as the cleanser so it is a bit pricey compared to other brands but worth it, especially since you will have the scrub even longer if you can only use it a couple times a week.

  • left my skin soft and smooth and oil free for the first few days of use
  • gentle beads don't scratch your skin
  • helps clear up acne
  • good value for money since it will last awhile
  • worked too well and left my skin with dry patches after about 4 days straight use
  • price is a little higher then comparable items
Overall I give this product an 8/10

*Review* Biore Ice Cleanser

I got a sample sized packet of the Biore Ice Cleanser as well as the Pore Unclogging Scrub awhile ago in the mail when they had a promotion to sign up for a free sample, I believe it was when they first came out with these. I hadn't tried it till a few days ago because I am always nervous to try new products in case they break me out badly or something. I know I should probably do a test area first but I usually just use it and see what happens. I can honestly say that I really like the Ice Cleanser, it makes my skin really soft without leaving it greasy. You can feel the "ice" of the product too it tingles a little not uncomfortable burning tingle like some products do, but you can feel the coolness of it with the gentle tingle that makes it feel like its working. It also keeps my face smooth and clean feeling for most of the day which is nice since I have really oily skin that normally is oily almost immediately after I finish washing my face. It is a little pricey when you compare the biore products to other similiar products but it will probably last awhile so it is worth it in the long run.

  • got to try the product in sample form before commiting to spending the money on it in store
  • has a gentle coolness and tingle nothing painful or harsh
  • left my skin feeling really soft and smooth for hours after washing
  • didn't cause me to break out
  • actually helped improve my skin texture and minimized breakouts
  • kind of pricey compared to other cleansers on the market (but worth it for me)
  • might leave some people's skin dried out depending on how oily/normal/dry it usually is
Overall I would give this product a 9/10.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabulous Fun Finds Blog Handbag Giveaway

Win a Mini Tote in your choice of color!
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Welcome to the Motherhood Blog Erno Laszlo Makeup Giveaway

One winner will receive a Erno Laszlo Special Set (a $90 value) from Erno Laszlo.

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Girl Women Beauty Brains Blog Trend Watch Thursday Giveaway

Three lucky readers will win the following prize:

  • Wella Color Preserve Smoothing Conditioner $14.00
  • Wella Color Preserve Smoothing Shampoo $13.00
  • Wella Color Preserve Seal and Shine Drops $14.00
  • Wella Color Preserve Deep Treatment $16.00
head on over to the blog here for your chance to win!

Eyes Lips Face

I have started looking at this site more in depth lately since I have a bit of cash in my paypal account from surveys saved up that I don't know what to do with. As if I need more makeup but I have been looking at all of their mineral stuff and have been reading reviews trying to decide if the huge shipping cost is worth it since I am not sure you really save a lot of money because what you save on the makeup goes towards the 14.98 shipping for Canada. Plus if you buy over $20 worth of makeup you get dinged with extra shipping fees at the border as well as GST and PST. I do like the prices of the mineral makeup though since it is way cheaper then the maybelline stuff I recently bought. I was wondering if anyone that reads the blog here has tried elf makeup before and if its worth the shipping charges?
I have been told some good stuff about the eyeliner (thanks sally) so I may go ahead in a week or two and place an order anyway and test it out and write a review here and compare it to the maybelline mineral makeup I just bought as if I need more makeup but I really want to switch over to all mineral makeup for my face since I have really sensitive skin and break out easily.

Anyway if you have tried makeup from elf before leave me a post and let me know how you liked it and if its worth it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What products or brands would you like to see reviewed here?

I am trying to get in a regular routine where I post regular reviews of products which I could probably do till the end of time with everything I already own at home, so I am asking everyone that comes here what would you like to see in terms of products or brands being reviewed? Chances are I probably own something of that brand or type that I could do a review on. If I get some suggestions and have the products here at home and already use it I will write the reviews on those products first before randomly picking one out to write a review on, which is my current method I just pick the product that I seem to be using that day and am thinking about.

*Review* N.Y.C Liquid Eyeliner

I picked this up at the drugstore for 2.99 last week because I needed it for a 50's dance. I had never used liquid eyeliner before because I thought it would be hard to do and I never liked the look of it for every day wear. What I liked about the N.Y.C brand is that the brush was super fine and pointy for more accurate application which may be why it never really took me that long to apply it. I also liked that you could apply less pressure to get a more subtle look or more pressure for a more dark dramatic look. I also like the tube it came in as well as the applicator because it was easy to handle and didn't make my hand cramp for the entire hour that I struggled to get both eyes to look the same. It is also very reasonably priced compared to the other liquid liners I looked at, especially when I didn't want to pay a bundle for something I doubt I will wear again after I am done with the 50's look for the muscial Grease that I am in. The product claimed to be long wearing and smudge proof which I guess was true but I'm not really sure since most of it ended up cracking and flaking off before the night was over. Also when I was in the store picking it out I didn't have a clue which colour to pick up since there were no testers and nothing on the package to show the colour just the names jet black, sable, and pearlized black. So I played it safe and picked up jet black.

  • Inexpensive compared to other liquid liners
  • great to buy if you are just learning how to do liquid eyeliner since it is inexpensive
  • has a super fine brush that makes it a little easier to get a more precise application
  • hypo allergenic and fragrance free
  • was easy to fix mistakes since it didnt dry too quick but was just about the right amount of time
  • washed off fairly easily at the end of the night (well what was left of it)
  • cracked and flaked off almost immediately after it dried
  • no indication of the colour of the product which made it kind of hard to choose it would be nice to either have testers or a picture on the package with the colour to compare
  • may not be the best quality since it was so cheap but you get what you pay for
Overall I would give this product a 4/10. I plan to use it again for shows and will see if it stays on any better but I would more then likely not purchase this brand again.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Blog Pur Minerals Giveaway

Outnumbered 3 to 1 is giving away a pur minerals starter kit!
go here to enter and read the review!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Body Shop Free Skincare Kit with $35 Purchase

The Body Shop is offering a free skincare kit with a $30 value to anyone that purchases $35 or more between now and May 27th! You can choose from Aloe Best for sensitive skin $30 Value,
Tea Tree Best for oily and blemish-prone skin $30 Value, Vitamin E Best for all skin types $30 Value. This offer is available in store or online!
The Body Shop Online

Fine Print of the offer:
* Offer valid for a free, skincare starter kit with any $35 purchase (excluding gift cards) while supplies last. Purchase of LYB card not included in offer. All discounts will appear on final receipt when package arrives. One per customer. Offer valid on select starter kits only. Valid only at participating The Body Shop stores in Canada and at Valid May 11th - 27th at and participating stores.

I'm thinking of going and getting a few things just to get the tea tree oil starter kit! I have been wanting to try all of the tea tree oil products but that would be pretty pricey this would be a good way to test them all out before buying them.

*Review* St. Ives Clear Pore Cleanser for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin

I found this product about a month ago in Walmart for around $3.00 for a 200ml pump bottle. I am not sure if that was a sale price or the regular price but I picked it up to try any way since I love St. Ives products. This particular cleanser contains tea tree oil as the acne treatment ingredient vs. salicylic acid which is usually in the cleansers I use. I actually like this version of the cleanser much better then what I was currently using since it seems to be more effective. I like that its gentle enough to use daily but provides enough of the tea tree oil treatment to improve my skin without overly drying it out. It actually makes my skin really nice and soft to touch, plus it keeps my oily skin away for most of the day without the use of powder! That is one of the benefits I really like since I have really oily skin and most cleansers don't work as well, or they leave my skin feeling like wax and like I never washed my face at all. I have noticed a big improvement since switching over to using the St.Ives cleanser daily, and my Body Shop tea tree oil scrub twice a week.

  • Inexpensive compared to other products containing tea tree oil
  • minimizes the appearance of oil for most of the day
  • leaves your face feeling soft and smooth
  • improves complexion after only about a week of use
  • might be too drying depending on your skin type (mine is really oily which makes it perfect for daily use)
  • not sure how popular this version of the cleanser is compared to the other St. Ives products so it may be difficult to find
Overall I give this product a 10/10!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Blog Fusion of Colour Cosmetics Giveaway!

Win it! Fusion of Color Cosmetics has offered to give away a $25 E-Gift Certificate to one lucky contestant!
go here to enter this awesome contest!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Forever and Always Blog Sekkisei Skincare Giveaway

Win a jar of Sekkisei Skincare Mask! Head on over to the Forever and Always blog and follow the instructions to be entered to win!
Go here to enter the giveaway!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shop With Me Mama Lisa Hoffman Skin Care Giveaway

Win a Trial Pack of Lisa Hoffman's Skin Care Line!

Go here to enter for your chance to win!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

*Review* Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer

I first purchased this a few months ago only because it was on sale and because I had a $2 off coupon from the MNY guide otherwise I'm not sure I would have purchased it. Regular price is $9.99 for a 5.5ml tube which I think is a lot to first try something out especially when my skin reacts to a lot of makeup. I got the first tube for $6.99 plus tax which isn't bad but its more then I usually spend on one makeup item. I must say though it was well worth the money.
The store had testers so I could test the shades first but I already pretty much knew what shade I would need. I had to buy the lightest shade they had which was the 0-1 Light colour. It matches my skin tone perfectly so you can't even tell when I use it which is great since it takes me forever to find a concealer that doesn't look fake on me. They have a huge selection of shades which is perfect because chances are you will be able to find the one that matches your skin. They also take into consideration warm and cool skin tones which is why I think they have such a large number of shades to pick from.
Since purchasing it I haven't used anything else to conceal imperfections I am in love with this concealer it provides natural coverage and it even has a slight shimmer which adds to the natural look because it keeps the areas you cover from looking flat and covered up. It also didn't irritate my skin which is great since I end up allergic to something in most products. I also love the natural ingredients as well as no preservatives which may contribute to why it didn't break me out. The packaging also says that it contains no wax or pore clogging ingredients and that it contains chamomile to soothe skin. I was also told by a makeup artist that mineral makeup was more friendly to acne prone skin then other makeup as well which is why I decided to switch over to mineral makeup to see if I could notice a difference in my skin.

  • is cheaper then most other mineral makeup on the market
  • comes in a shade perfect for my skin tone
  • large selection of shades to suit everyones skin tone
  • provides natural looking coverage
  • doesn't look fake or cakey
  • doesn't irritate my skin
  • natural ingredients
  • will probably last awhile since you don't use it on your whole face
  • there were testers in the store (may not be all stores but the three I stores I have bought the mineral makeup in had testers set up)
  • a bit on the pricey side if you are used to buying non-mineral makeup (but worth it if it lasts awhile and does the job!)
  • doesn't contain preservatives so it will expire faster then other makeup
  • cant remember the list of ingredients because they only have the ingredients listed on the packaging not the tube
  • doesn't provide as full a coverage as a cover stick
  • not sure about some of the listed ingredients on the package and if its really 100% mineral makeup or only partially
Overall I would give this product a 9.5/10!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matchstick Herbal Essences Campaign

I recieved 10 coupons in the mail awhile ago for 10 free bottles of Herbal Essences new shampoo and conditioner line from Matchstick a word of mouth company that regularly has promotions like this for blog owners to test out and blog about the products. The coupons were to hand out to friends and family so that they could try the shampoo and conditioner. The product was already out in Canada by the time I received the free coupons so I had already purchased it as well as tested it out for a magazine company before the coupons arrived, so I handed out the coupons to friends and family and kept a couple for myself since I love the new line! My sister and I haven't purchased any other brand or type of shampoo or conditioner since getting the test from Elle we love it that much!

This stuff is amazing! I have been using the Self-Targeting hydralicious line for the last few months and I have to say its probably the best thing to happen to my hair!
My sister is also addicted to this shampoo now. She uses the Featherweight because she has fine thin hair and needs the volume.

I got 6 bottles (shampoo and conditioner from each line) to test for Elle Magazine a few months ago and now I am hooked! This is the only stuff I will be using from now on. I also ended up receiving the 10 coupons from Matchstick after receiving the test from Elle so yippy! Shampoo and Conditioner for everyone that lives with me or close to me!

There are three different types to choose from: Featherweight (for fine thin hair to give it volume), Reconditioning (for dry damaged hair), and Self-Targeting (for normal hair).

Normally I have the type of hair that has to be washed daily or it looks horrible, I have dry ends because I straighten my hair, but I also have oily roots because my skin/scalp is naturally very oily. If I don't wash my hair daily it ends up looking greasy and really bad and hard to style. I have noticed since using the Self Targeting shampoo I can skip a day washing my hair if I want to because it doesn't look so greasy as fast as when I was using sunsilk. Another plus to this shampoo is that it smells amazing! You may actually be tempted to eat it...though I really wouldn't recommend doing that.

Overall I would give it a 10/10!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dkMommy Spot JASCO Mineral Makeup Giveaway

'One of the most common ways women are exposed to dangerous chemicals is through their health and beauty products! Things like parabens, pthalates, and a host of other unnatural substances are added to a multitude of the products many of us use on a daily basis. It only makes sense, therefore, to start reading the ingredient labels on all the products we may be taking for granted, assuming they’re safe. Turn over some of your makeup containers next time you’re getting ready in the morning. What’s listed in the ingredients? If you can even read the teeny, tiny print, you may notice you don’t know what the vast majority of the items are in there. But take a look at a company like JASCO Organics, and you’ll find shorter, safe lists of natural ingredients."

go here to enter to win a mineral makeup set that includes: foundation, a bronzer, and a blush, a $45 value!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

CybeleSays Win Gwen Stefani's Too Faced Products

This showed up in my email inbox today and I didn't want anyone to miss out on entering it!

"Who? We will randomly pick 5 winners to receive all the products Gwen personally requested from TF's Founder Jerrod - Mood Swing Lip Gloss, Lash Injection mini, Lash Injection Pinpoint, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Girls Dig Pearls Lip Gloss, Lip of Luxury Lipstick, Insurance Policy. A $127 value!"

go here to enter the contest!

Friday, April 10, 2009

When to Clean Makeup Brushes

You should wash all brushes that you use on a regular basis at least once a week if you use them less often then once a day you can go a couple weeks without washing them. I do mine about once a month depending on how often I actually use them since I don't do makeup that often. When washing your brushes you should use a mild shampoo (baby shampoo works best) then roll the brush in your hands till it lathers then rinse under luke warm water. Rinse well until the water runs clear (you will notice all the makeup tinting the water when you first start rinsing the brush). Reshape the bristles and lay the brush horizontal to dry (like on the counter) with the bristles hanging over the edge to dry.
If you want to you can wipe the brushes off with baby wipes daily to prevent makeup build up then throughly wash them every month. Over washing can wear out your brushes faster and cause the glue to wear away causing the bristles to fall out.
Don't use any product that contains alcohol/peroxide/saylicylic acid those will all dry out the bristles and make them dry and brittle.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tips for Smooth Straight Hair

Find a Straightner with temperature control settings. This way you can have it hotter if your hair is thick and difficult to straighten or cooler if you have fine thin hair that straightens easily. You don't need to spend too much on a straightner if you don't plan to use it all the time. Most cheaper end straightners have temperature control settings too. My new one was regular priced $22.99 and it has tons of different heat settings for different hair types and it works great. Most of the time you learn by trial and error which heat setting is perfect for your hair. I keep mine on around 4 or 5 not very high but my straightner gets really hot really fast and I usually only straighten my bangs a bit and leave the rest unless I wake up with that weird hair bulge (you know what I'm talking about).
Use a protective cream on your hair. This will seal the hair and keep it from being too damaged by the heat of the straightner. I use a cream from Alberto that cost around $5 and it works pretty well. You can use it on wet or dry hair (my straightner is a dry straightner only though). It leaves your hair shiny and healthy looking and it protects against the high heat. Just don't use too much of it or you end up with greasy looking hair instead of shiny (from experience).

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dkmommy spot Herbal Giveaway

Quote from the page: "My goodness, I just glanced at my stats and noticed that post #600 just went live this morning - which puts this post at #601! I’d love to celebrate with you all, so I’m going to give away a Lavender Dream Stick, a Lavender Mint Lip Balm, and a 1-ounce bag of lavender buds from my online store The Giving Essence. That’s a $19.50 set."

enter the dkmommy spot herbal giveaway

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Makeup Techniques


Foundation -
  • When to Use - when you want to even out your skin tone all over your face, use after moisturizing.
  • How to Apply - liquid or stick; dot all over, spreak with fingers or use damp sponge to apply. Cream or compact; use damp sponge to stroke on.

Concealer -
  • When to Use - when you want to hide smaller imperfections
  • How to Apply - can be used before, after or without foundation. Dot on and blend, using a tiny lip brush to dot on and blend allows better coverage and control.

Powder -
  • When to Use - to reduce facial shine, to set foundation and concealer to make them last longer.
  • How to Apply - can be used without foundation. If in a compact, powder brushes are good;knock off extra powder before applying. If using a powder puff, must be patted onto the skin, not rubbed


Liner -
  • When to Use - to define edge of lips, to change apparant shape or size of the lips.
  • How to Apply - can be used before or after lipstick, can colour in lips entirely for very long lasting colour.

Lipstick -
  • When to Use - can be used with or without liner, can apply straight from the tube or with a lip brush for greater precision. Blot with tissue, then apply more for longer lasting colour.

Gloss -
  • When to Use - Usually on younger people only or over lipsticks for adults
  • How to Apply - use your finger or use the wand if it comes in a tube with applicator.


Liner -
  • When to Use - to emphasize eye colour, to change or emphasize eye shape
  • How to Apply - keep a rounded tip on pencils, rub with a tissue to soften sharp ends. Can smudge with a finger or cotton swab or can be left as a sharp line. Use brush included with liquid liners, do not try to smudge.

Shadow -
  • When to Use - same as eyeliner
  • How to Apply - apply with a sponge applicator, finger or brush. Powder can be applied wet (for more intense colour) or dry. Use before, after or without liner. Blend edges well so there is no defined edge.

Mascara -
  • When to Use - to lengthen, thicken, or darken lashes
  • How to Apply - stroke from base or lash to ends. Allow to dry between coats. Use lash comb to seperate and remove clumps.

False Lashes -
  • When to Use - for extra dramatic effect, usually used in dim lighting or when you will be seen from a distance.
  • How to Apply - follow directions on package carefully and exactly

Brow colour -
  • When to Use - to darken, reshape eyebrows or fill in bare spots. Mascara and gels hold brow hairs in place.
  • How to Apply - If powder use small angled brush or lip brush, if pencil use short strokes.


Blush -
  • When to Use - puts colour on cheeks, empasizes cheek bones
  • How to Apply - Use fingers if gel or cream, apply in stroking circular motions. If powder use brush, blend edges well so no stripes show.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cybele Says Yes You Can! (Win) Contest!


We will randomly pick 12 winners to receive a box of 5 or 6 products each."

You have some great odds at winning with 12 winners each and some great brands are listed!

Enter Here

*Review* N.Y.C Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup

I bought this product awhile ago but didn't use it till last week. I got it home and it was darker then my skin tone it looked more orange and fake looking so decided to keep it for stage makeup. There were no testers in the store but it was the lightest of the three choices and it looked light enough for my skin in the store so I bought it because it was inexpensive (about 2.99 for a 35ml tube on sale from 4.99). It is oil free as well as fragrance free which is another bonus since I have really sensitive acne prone skin.
I used it for the first time last week as my foundation for a show I was in. I think it was a mistake to go ahead and use it on my entire face for the first time. The first night I was ok didn't really notice anything odd when I took my makeup off. I did wake up with a few pimples that weren't there before in places that I normally don't get acne, but didn't link it to the makeup as I usually get acne fairly often. I used it the second night for the show as well, but this time ended up leaving my makeup on longer then a few hours because we had a cast party afterward and I didn't get a change to take it off for about 5 or 6 hours. I woke up the next day to a disaster zone. My face was completely covered in welts. Not the normal acne I get, plus they are in areas that I never get acne like my cheeks I normally just get it on my chin and forehead so I was thinking this is odd.
The product doesn't have a list of ingredients so I went searching for them online to compare to my other makeup to see if I could pinpoint the one ingredient I am allergic to so I can avoid it in the future but couldn't find much. I did find the one site that shows if the makeup you use is hazardous to your health so I searched for this product and found out it has something called "propyl paraben" in it which is a skin irritant, so I am assuming that is what I am allergic to in this product, and it doesn't show up as an ingredient in any of my other makeup that I looked at either so I think it might be safe to say that is the ingredient that severely irritated my skin.

  • inexpensive
  • will last a long time as its a fairly large tube
  • oil free and fragrance free
  • not tested on animals
  • non pore clogging
  • ended up having a huge allergic reaction to it which my skin is still recovering from
  • the lightest colour available appears orange and fake if you have really fair skin
  • doesn't really cover evenly, went on streaky
  • no list of ingredients on the tube just the packaging which was destroyed and thrown away when I got it home after purchasing
  • contains propyl paraben which is supposed to cause skin irritations
  • couldn't find the contact info for the N.Y.C Canadian company to send them an email about how my skin reacted and to ask them about the ingredient that is supposed to cause skin irritations but will keep looking for it or may try emailing the american info I have for them.
Overall I would give this product a 1/5

Almond Skin Cleanser for Oily Skin

Ingredients you will need:
1 cup almonds
2 tbs. yogurt
1 tsp. lemon juice

Blend almonds in food processor until finely ground. Mix with yogurt and lemon. Cleanse face with mixture, gently massaging and paying close attention to oily zones. Rinse with warm water.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Glow's Healthy Woman's Survey 2009

So, what makes you tick? Share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with us. Together, we can create a uniquely dynamic blueprint of the Canadian woman. Our six-section survey includes questions about your general health, your relationship with your doctor, alternative and traditional medicine, emotional health and sexual intimacy. (You can opt-out of the sex section if you’d prefer). It’s easy to participate and there are great prizes to be won for your efforts! And, no worries about revealing your identity -- confidentiality is guaranteed. Please answer each question by checking off the circle that best reflects your personal views and experiences.
As a thank-you for sharing your thoughts with us, once you’ve completed the survey you’ll have a chance to enter our contest (There are great prizes to be won, including a trip for two to the Post Hotel & Spa in Lake Louise, Alberta).
There are also gift baskets to be won!

Take the Healthy Woman's Survey

Choosing the Best Eyeshadow for You

Picking a suitable eye shadow depends on your eye color and skin color. The best is to choose contrasting colours for eye shadows since they make your eyes stand out more.

Blue Eyes:
Choose warm brown and peach shades these will make your eyes stand out. Brown is the contrast colour and will make the blue of your eyes stand out more. You should avoid blue eye shadow. A cool rose colored eye shadow will also compliment your eyes nicely.

Gray Eyes
Choose cool brown and cool purple shades as they tend to look the best with your eyes. Cool colors match gray eyes because of the cool tones in your eye colour.

Green Eyes
Choose warm orange-brown eye shadow shades as it will make your eyes stand out. Green eyes are earth tone eyes. Try using violet or purple colors as well as they also compliment your eye colour the best.

Hazel Eyes
Choose warm orange/brown shades of shadow as they will make your eyes stand out. Hazel like green are earth toned so violet and purple shades also compliment well.

Brown Eyes:
Brown eyes can get away with wearing almost any colour. Different shades of purple tend to look best though.

Important notes:

Be careful with green shades of shadow. Most tend to look unnatural if not done properly. Also the shades of green you use are also important, bright green looks very unatural and darker greens tend to look dirty.

Be careful with pinks as well, they tend to make eyes look puffy (think crying look). Pink eye shadows are for people that have deep set eyes, if you don't have deep set eyes avoid any and all pink shades of shadow.

If you have lighter skin, wear lighter colors as they look best as well as more natural for your skin tone. For darker skin, wear darker colors as they look best.

Wear brown eye shadows for a more natural look. It will enlarge your eyes because it's a natural color for shadows. It is also great to wear everyday as it tends to look the most subtle and natural depending on the shade.

Homemade Honey and Roses Hand/Body/Lip Balm

4 teaspoons beeswax granules
2 teaspoons olive oil
4 tablespoons honey
4 drops rose essential oil
Directions: Heat beeswax and olive oil in a small bowl over simmering water. Once beeswax is melted turn off heat and stir in honey and rose oil, then pour into a jar. Once it has begun to cool but is still slightly warm, stir until creamy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Guide Check Out How Good Your Makeup Is!

Just found out that the makeup I used the other day for my show and broke me out badly has an ingredient in it that causes skin irritations...

Good Guides

HairStyles By Face Shape

I found this guide years ago and now I can't remember where it was that I got it from but it has helped me figure out my face shape and what cuts will look best.

The Scientific way to figure out your face shape:

A. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper.
B. Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. Write down the measurement.
C. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally the widest point will be somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Write down the measurement.
D. Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

OVAL faces will have length equal to one and a half times width.

ROUND faces will be as wide as they are long. This may vary a little but generally the measurement is close.

OBLONG faces are longer than they are wide.

HEART faces are narrow at the jaw line and wide at cheekbones/and or forehead.

SQUARE faces are about as wide they are long.

The oval face is the most versatile face. You can pull off almost any look: short, long, straight or wavy.

Styles that are flattering: Chin-skimming bobs, blunt bangs, long, beachy waves. No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin -- basically whatever feature you want to highlight. You will look best when styling your hair off your face. Most oval face shapes can wear slicked-backed looks as well.

Styles that will NOT flatter: Short layers that add height on top of your head. This will make your face appear long. If your hair is thick or curly, avoid a blunt cut. You'll look like a pyramid. Heavy bangs, or too forward-directed styles.


Your goal is to create less volume around the face. You also want to minimize the appearance of roundness.

Styles that are flattering: Try cuts that fall just below the chin. Soft, graduated layers are a great bet because they make your face appear slimmer and tend to remove bulk and weight from the sides. Consider wispy and tapered ends. These de-emphasize the roundness of your face. Bangs are flattering, but keep them long or sideswept. Off center parts. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face, your face shape will appear longer and narrower.

Styles that will NOT flatter: Short-short crops, straight "chopped" bangs. One-length, blunt cuts if you have short hair. Curly, short hair is also a no-no, as are center parts. These only emphasize your roundness.


The perfect haircut for you is one that doesn't drag down the face, yet adds width.

Styles that are flattering: Side-swept bangs. Chin-length bobs are also ideal for you because they create the illusion of width. You will look great curly or wavy (these also add width). Fullness at the sides of your face will add width to the look of your face shape.

Styles that will NOT flatter: Stay away from extremely long or short cuts. These will make your face look even longer. Long hair looks best with a few layers cut in, especially around the face, but remember, when your hair gets past your shoulders there is a good chance it is doing you more harm than good. You might also consider a v-shaped style, where the length is mainly in the back, while the sides and front of your hair appear shorter.


Your pointy chin tends to be the focal point of your face.

Styles that flatter: Draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones with sideswept bangs, brow-grazing fringe, a side part and hair that falls at or below your jawline.
Have short hair? Keep top layers soft and long.
Long hair? Go for long layers that graze your cheekbones.

Styles that will NOT flatter: Short, blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers. Severe, slicked back looks. If you are a dramatic heart shape, the short full styles with tapered necklines which emphasize the upper face will make you look top heavy. Height at the crown. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin.


If you have a square face, you'll want to play down your strong, angular jaw.

Styles that flatter: Texture, in the form of curls or choppy ends, do this brilliantly. If your hair is straight you may want to consider a body wave, as some curl or wave to the hair will achieve a nice balance to the straight features of your face shape. You can also get away with short, spiky cuts and long, sleek styles with layers that start at the jawline and continue downward.

Styles that will NOT flatter: One-length bobs (especially chin-length) and blunt-cut bangs. These will make your face look even more square. You can wear a layered bob, however it should end above or below the jaw line. Make sure in styling that you achieve some roundness to the shape and some height at the crown or bangs.