Wednesday, May 13, 2009

*Review* N.Y.C Liquid Eyeliner

I picked this up at the drugstore for 2.99 last week because I needed it for a 50's dance. I had never used liquid eyeliner before because I thought it would be hard to do and I never liked the look of it for every day wear. What I liked about the N.Y.C brand is that the brush was super fine and pointy for more accurate application which may be why it never really took me that long to apply it. I also liked that you could apply less pressure to get a more subtle look or more pressure for a more dark dramatic look. I also like the tube it came in as well as the applicator because it was easy to handle and didn't make my hand cramp for the entire hour that I struggled to get both eyes to look the same. It is also very reasonably priced compared to the other liquid liners I looked at, especially when I didn't want to pay a bundle for something I doubt I will wear again after I am done with the 50's look for the muscial Grease that I am in. The product claimed to be long wearing and smudge proof which I guess was true but I'm not really sure since most of it ended up cracking and flaking off before the night was over. Also when I was in the store picking it out I didn't have a clue which colour to pick up since there were no testers and nothing on the package to show the colour just the names jet black, sable, and pearlized black. So I played it safe and picked up jet black.

  • Inexpensive compared to other liquid liners
  • great to buy if you are just learning how to do liquid eyeliner since it is inexpensive
  • has a super fine brush that makes it a little easier to get a more precise application
  • hypo allergenic and fragrance free
  • was easy to fix mistakes since it didnt dry too quick but was just about the right amount of time
  • washed off fairly easily at the end of the night (well what was left of it)
  • cracked and flaked off almost immediately after it dried
  • no indication of the colour of the product which made it kind of hard to choose it would be nice to either have testers or a picture on the package with the colour to compare
  • may not be the best quality since it was so cheap but you get what you pay for
Overall I would give this product a 4/10. I plan to use it again for shows and will see if it stays on any better but I would more then likely not purchase this brand again.


  1. sounds dangerous cracking off like that knowing me I'd probably end up with it in my eye would really be bad if it flaked off during your performance and got under your contact.

  2. Yep I thought about that after...I don't have my contacts right now so it wasn't an issue and wasn't something I thought about till after I wrote the review, but I thought about it after and was thinking it might mess with my contacts if one happened to flake off the top lash line and end up in my eye that would be bad!
    I am thinking of trying this thing called an eyeliner pen not sure how different it is from eyeliner pencils but it may work better than the liquid eyeliner. E.L.F has them for $1 so I may get one when I order my other stuff and see what they are like.