Saturday, October 24, 2009

*Review* Raw Natural Beauty Mineral Foundation

Yesterday I was excited to open the mailbox and find a package from Intelligent Beauty containing my Raw Minerals 7 Piece Discovery Kit. The kit included: two mineral foundations one in Light 1 (picture on the left) and the other in Light 3 (on the right), Mineral Glow Bronzer, Active Veil SPF 18, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, and a Retractable Brush. They send you two different shades of foundation so that you can choose which best matches your skin or so you can combine the two so you can make the shade that does match. I already knew upon looking at the two shades that I was the Light 1 but I tried the Light 3 today just to see what it looked like. The light 3 is very orange on me because I am so pale I am for sure the Light 1, so my sister benefits because she has a bit darker skin tone than me and the Light 3 matches her perfectly. The foundation looks great on though. It goes on smooth and a little goes a long way for sure you only need a tiny dab or else you overdo it. I find though that I can't 100% cover my blemishes with just the foundation but it might cover if you just have a few that aren't that red or bad looking. Mine are more like scabs at the moment (I broke out big time after trying a new face wash and it pretty much burned my skin). So it may just be that my skin is too rough and in the final stages of healing for it to cover naturally. I really don't mind that it doesnt cover though because I have a great liquid mineral foundation that covers anything, so it doesnt matter if my foundation can. It does cover the redness around my nose that is a result of broken capilaries (I have had them for as long as I can remember). With the mineral veil I like how matte it is as well, since I have very oily skin it helps a lot and it makes my skin look nice and matte way longer than my normal powder does. I have yet to try the bronzer though but it looks very dark so I am hoping it doesnt look too fake on me, but I will wait and try it a day that I don't have plans that way I can try it and wash it off if it doesnt look good. The kit sells for $180 which I find a little pricey though if you use all of the products its a good deal especially if you don't already own a good quality brush set. I probably wouldn't purchase the kit again after receiving it once unless I was purchasing it as a gift. I usually never wear bronzer since I rarely tend to mess with anything other than concealer and powder unless I am going somewhere special. If you already know what shade you are you can purchase the foundation seperately which sells for $30 which I find reasonable considering Mica Bella foundation is $60 a jar and I dont think you get any more in it then you do with this. If you don't know what your skin is I would recommend the kit since if you do have a skin tone that is between two shades you can mix them together and make a custom shade or just to find out which shade is right for you to order next time. Right now I am thinking about buying the eyeshadow trio its very reasonably priced (3 shadows for $35), but am having a hard time trying to figure out what colour trio to buy. It also looks like the site only accepts US orders because it won't let me choose a province when I try to set up an account. I do hope they change this soon and allow Canadian orders because I would really love to try an eyeshadow trio that makes me very sad, not that I need anymore makeup though!
You can go to if you want to purchase the kit at 50% off! That means its $90 for everything instead of $180!! You can also use the coupon code Discovery50 at checkout and get 50% off your order (no minimum purchase).