Monday, March 23, 2009

Choosing the Best Eyeshadow for You

Picking a suitable eye shadow depends on your eye color and skin color. The best is to choose contrasting colours for eye shadows since they make your eyes stand out more.

Blue Eyes:
Choose warm brown and peach shades these will make your eyes stand out. Brown is the contrast colour and will make the blue of your eyes stand out more. You should avoid blue eye shadow. A cool rose colored eye shadow will also compliment your eyes nicely.

Gray Eyes
Choose cool brown and cool purple shades as they tend to look the best with your eyes. Cool colors match gray eyes because of the cool tones in your eye colour.

Green Eyes
Choose warm orange-brown eye shadow shades as it will make your eyes stand out. Green eyes are earth tone eyes. Try using violet or purple colors as well as they also compliment your eye colour the best.

Hazel Eyes
Choose warm orange/brown shades of shadow as they will make your eyes stand out. Hazel like green are earth toned so violet and purple shades also compliment well.

Brown Eyes:
Brown eyes can get away with wearing almost any colour. Different shades of purple tend to look best though.

Important notes:

Be careful with green shades of shadow. Most tend to look unnatural if not done properly. Also the shades of green you use are also important, bright green looks very unatural and darker greens tend to look dirty.

Be careful with pinks as well, they tend to make eyes look puffy (think crying look). Pink eye shadows are for people that have deep set eyes, if you don't have deep set eyes avoid any and all pink shades of shadow.

If you have lighter skin, wear lighter colors as they look best as well as more natural for your skin tone. For darker skin, wear darker colors as they look best.

Wear brown eye shadows for a more natural look. It will enlarge your eyes because it's a natural color for shadows. It is also great to wear everyday as it tends to look the most subtle and natural depending on the shade.

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