Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tips for Smooth Straight Hair

Find a Straightner with temperature control settings. This way you can have it hotter if your hair is thick and difficult to straighten or cooler if you have fine thin hair that straightens easily. You don't need to spend too much on a straightner if you don't plan to use it all the time. Most cheaper end straightners have temperature control settings too. My new one was regular priced $22.99 and it has tons of different heat settings for different hair types and it works great. Most of the time you learn by trial and error which heat setting is perfect for your hair. I keep mine on around 4 or 5 not very high but my straightner gets really hot really fast and I usually only straighten my bangs a bit and leave the rest unless I wake up with that weird hair bulge (you know what I'm talking about).
Use a protective cream on your hair. This will seal the hair and keep it from being too damaged by the heat of the straightner. I use a cream from Alberto that cost around $5 and it works pretty well. You can use it on wet or dry hair (my straightner is a dry straightner only though). It leaves your hair shiny and healthy looking and it protects against the high heat. Just don't use too much of it or you end up with greasy looking hair instead of shiny (from experience).

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