Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Giveaway for Polish Lovers

I just found a contest for some of the China Glaze Prismatic collection! These colours are amazing and I can't wait until they become available in Canada.
Go to the link below if you would like to enter the contest to win three colours from the collection.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Giveaway for Polish Lovers!

Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom is doing a giveaway and each prize package has some amazing nail polish! Go to the link below to read what is being given away and find out how you can enter yourself to win one of three prizes!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Julep Maven Polish - Leah

I am in love with this colour! It's the perfect green. The first picture is two very thin coats of the green just to show off how pretty it is. I used Sally Hansen 'Black Ink' for the crackle in the second picture.

Still not a Julep Maven? They are still offering the 0.01 deal. I have no idea how much longer it's going to run but it's worth it!
Go here:
Fill out the style quiz to see what profile is best suited to your taste.
Add it to your cart and check out.
Once you get to the checkout put in code NEWYEAR2012 and it will change from 19.99 to 0.01.
Finish the checkout process and wait for your introductory box to show up in the mail!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L'Oreal Everstrong Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm so glad I have a sample of this shampoo and that it was only a couple of uses. Man does this stuff stink and I mean it literally!
The positives are that it's sulfate free, but it's not completely natural. It doesn't leave my hair greasy even though it's moisturizing which is a huge plus since I sometimes get dry ends from straightening my hair.
I think there are more negatives with this one though. The biggest killer for me is the smell. It smells very herbal in a bad way, and the matching shampoo and conditioner both have different smells! The shampoo smells a little like lemon floor cleaner (very chemically smell which is weird), while the conditioner smells like strong mens deodorant or aftershave. I feel self-conscience leaving the house because I don't know how obvious my hair smells to other people but it has been confirmed that it does smell a bit manly compared to what I normally use so it isn't just my nose that notices! I would never buy this product based on the smell alone. I wish that hair companies would stop making natural products smell horrible. Strawberries are are citrus fruits and flowers so I think it should be fairly easy to incorporate a nice smell into shampoo even if it is natural or SLS free.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Become a Julep Maven for a penny!!

The penny offer is back up and running. Go here: and fill out your profile and find out which box is best tailored to your survey and then enter code: NEWYEAR2012 when you check out and the box will be 0.01!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Julep Maven January Box!

My January box arrived today and I am so excited! I was supposed to have another colour Gayle but it was out of stock so I was given a code for another colour of my choice. I may keep it and wait until Gayle is back in stock because it's such a pretty purple colour.

The colours are from left to right: Megan, Leah, Hayden, Nail Therapy, and a nail polish remover cloth.

If you like what you see here you can still sign up for a $5 introductory box with code January during checkout
Also if you become a member and remain a member you are able to refer friends. For every two people you refer you will earn a free monthly box!

This is my mom wearing Hayden from the box!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Julep Maven Introductory Box $5!!

If you still haven't tried out Julep Maven there is still time to get the Introductory box for only $5. That means you will get over $40 worth of amazing nail polish, and hand care products for $5. After this introductory box each month is $19.99 and they will send you an email on the 20th of every month showing you what nail polish is in the box. You then have the option to skip a month, send to a friend, or cancel your subscription all together if you aren't happy with the service or colour options. I got the introductory box in December and loved everything! I had to skip the actual monthly December box because I wasn't happy with the contents but am anxiously awaiting the January box because the polish choices are amazing and I was offered a free upgrade for being one of the first 5000 members! I will be receiving 4 wonderful colours that I will get swatches of and post when the box arrives.
My introductory box was "It Girl" and if you remember it looked like this: The nail polish formula is amazing, goes on in one coat without visible nail line, and took about a week to chip on my nails.

If you think you would like to try Julep Maven go here: and when you check out enter code January to get the introductory box for only $5!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lancome Luxe Box Contest Winner!

The winner of the Lancome Luxe Box is comment 22 TeriJD!!!!
Congratulations!! I will be sending you an email shortly.