Monday, August 17, 2009

*Review* Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

I started using this a few weeks ago when I ran out of other face washes to use. I'm not really sure about this stuff at the moment. It has its ups and downs. I am thinking at this point more downs than ups but am finishing off the rest of the bottle since it was just a sample sized bottle or one of those gift with purchase trial sizes. I find it really really runny, well that was expected since it said it was cleansing milk but I really don't like that its so runny and milky in consistency. It makes it really hard to apply on your face without making a mess or wasting a lot of it down the sink. This stuff also burns! At least it did to my skin it started out as a nice tingle then started burning after a few seconds as I was applying more to the rest of my face. I couldn't wash it off quick enough. Not sure if I am allergic to something in it or if thats what it does to everyone, or if I just have really sensitive skin, but I didn't like that feeling. The only positive I can think of is that I haven't broken out or anything yet as a result of using the Clinique Cleansing Milk so it does get some praise for not breaking me out when most other products do.

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  1. I totally think the cleansing milk is one of Clinique's worst products. It's not a really good cleanser, and it's not very good at taking makeup off either. Next time you try Clinique, use a combination of take the day off makeup remover with the rinse-off foaming cleanser. Works really well for me. :-)