Friday, January 1, 2010

*Review* Raw Natural Beauty

I had previously reviewed the two mineral foundations that were included in the 7 piece kit so now here is my update on the rest of the kits contents! Sorry its sooo late after the first post but things have been crazy hectic the last little while!

First lets talk about the mineral glow bronzer. It looks very dark in the jar so I was afraid to test it out on a day where I had to do makeup for work or to go out just in case it looked really fake on me. I chose to try it out on a day that I didn't have any plans to go anywhere and didn't have to go to work that way I could wash it off as soon as I was finished if it looked bad. I do think it is slightly dark for people with very fair complexions like works ok if you blend it really well but then my face doesn't really match the rest of my skin especially in the winter, so right now I am not sure really if I like it or not. I will probably have to wait and try it again in the summer to see if I can get it to better match my skin if I am slightly tanned because right now it just looks odd that my face looks darker then my hands/neck/arms.

The mineral veil is great it doesn't have a colour to it so that works well for my skin. It has a fairly high SPF in it so I am probably going to save it for the summer as well since I don't exactly need the SPF coverage in the winter and am currently using a mineral veil that doesn't provide as high of an SPF then this one. The one thing I absolutely love about mineral makeup is that it seems to have a sheen to it that reflects light away from skin imperfections and gives me perfect appearing skin which is a huge selling point for me.

The brushes in this kit are great as well. They are high quality and work better for me then the brushes I was using before but I was using a cheapo brush set to begin with so its nice to finally have good quality brushes since they make makeup application easier and it takes less time for makeup application.

You can go to if you want to purchase the kit at 50% off! That means its $90 for everything instead of $180!! You can also use the coupon code Discovery50 at checkout and get 50% off your order (no minimum purchase).