Thursday, March 26, 2009

Makeup Techniques


Foundation -
  • When to Use - when you want to even out your skin tone all over your face, use after moisturizing.
  • How to Apply - liquid or stick; dot all over, spreak with fingers or use damp sponge to apply. Cream or compact; use damp sponge to stroke on.

Concealer -
  • When to Use - when you want to hide smaller imperfections
  • How to Apply - can be used before, after or without foundation. Dot on and blend, using a tiny lip brush to dot on and blend allows better coverage and control.

Powder -
  • When to Use - to reduce facial shine, to set foundation and concealer to make them last longer.
  • How to Apply - can be used without foundation. If in a compact, powder brushes are good;knock off extra powder before applying. If using a powder puff, must be patted onto the skin, not rubbed


Liner -
  • When to Use - to define edge of lips, to change apparant shape or size of the lips.
  • How to Apply - can be used before or after lipstick, can colour in lips entirely for very long lasting colour.

Lipstick -
  • When to Use - can be used with or without liner, can apply straight from the tube or with a lip brush for greater precision. Blot with tissue, then apply more for longer lasting colour.

Gloss -
  • When to Use - Usually on younger people only or over lipsticks for adults
  • How to Apply - use your finger or use the wand if it comes in a tube with applicator.


Liner -
  • When to Use - to emphasize eye colour, to change or emphasize eye shape
  • How to Apply - keep a rounded tip on pencils, rub with a tissue to soften sharp ends. Can smudge with a finger or cotton swab or can be left as a sharp line. Use brush included with liquid liners, do not try to smudge.

Shadow -
  • When to Use - same as eyeliner
  • How to Apply - apply with a sponge applicator, finger or brush. Powder can be applied wet (for more intense colour) or dry. Use before, after or without liner. Blend edges well so there is no defined edge.

Mascara -
  • When to Use - to lengthen, thicken, or darken lashes
  • How to Apply - stroke from base or lash to ends. Allow to dry between coats. Use lash comb to seperate and remove clumps.

False Lashes -
  • When to Use - for extra dramatic effect, usually used in dim lighting or when you will be seen from a distance.
  • How to Apply - follow directions on package carefully and exactly

Brow colour -
  • When to Use - to darken, reshape eyebrows or fill in bare spots. Mascara and gels hold brow hairs in place.
  • How to Apply - If powder use small angled brush or lip brush, if pencil use short strokes.


Blush -
  • When to Use - puts colour on cheeks, empasizes cheek bones
  • How to Apply - Use fingers if gel or cream, apply in stroking circular motions. If powder use brush, blend edges well so no stripes show.


  1. Some really great tips, but I have one suggestion. If you have foundation sponges, throw them away. Use clean fingers or a foundation brush instead. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria (though I hope most people would use once and toss), they can give a streaky finish, and they absorb the foundation. By using your fingers or a brush, you get a flawless finish and your foundation lasts longer.

    -Certified in makeup artistry since 2003.

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    I found that with foundation sponges you get the streaky look but thought I was using too much foundation!
    I prefer to use my fingers now I find it works better and then less stuff to wash out and clean after.
    I used to rinse my foundation sponges off and re-use them, probably a huge no but when you do a theatre show every night for two months thats a lot of sponges! So I would rinse them let them dry and re-use the next night till they got so bad they had to be replaecd.