Saturday, June 19, 2010

Glasses USA Review

This has taken a bit of time to get back to because of life getting in the way and such. I was sent an email in late April from Glasses USA asking if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of glasses. Being as blind as I am, I quickly agreed after making sure they would take Canadian orders. I went through the whole site a few times over and found a pair of glasses that fit my measurements the best. I didn't have much of a selection because my features are so small (particularly the bridge of my nose), but that is nothing new for me. I always have a really hard time finding glasses that fit AND look nice. I decided on the Independence Brown Full Frames found here: I waited anxiously for them to arrive wondering if they would fit or even look good on me. Shipping was fairly quick I think it was around 2-4 weeks. I was away for a bit after the initial emails so can't recall exactly how long it took for shipping. When I received them and tried them on they looked amazing! The arms were too wide for my head though, so I had to take them into Sears to have them adjusted. Nothing major though since I normally have to get all of my glasses adjusted when I get them anyway. It took me a few weeks to have it done though because I kept forgetting them at home ( I wear contacts 98% of the time), or they were closed when I could get over. Now they fit perfectly and I have gotten some nice comments on them when I have worn them out! They feel like they are very good quality, and the lenses were made very thin for me. I think that might be why I like them so much. They made the lenses very thin so from the side you don't see how bad my eyesight is! The package that was shipped to me was very neatly put together and you don't have to worry about them getting broken in the mail because they come in a hardshell case well wrapped in a box. They also carry a few designer brands!