Thursday, May 29, 2014

Influenster ImPress Manicure VoxBox

Where do I start with these nails? I guess I will start with what I received. I received a box in the mail from Influenster to test these ImPress Manicure nails out. My box contained the 'It Girl' design which appears close to 'shout' in the image and a Disney Villains in Evil Queen (grey/purple duo chrome).
Now my first issue with these nails upon taking them out of the box was seeing that they are actual press on nails and not the polish appliques that I was expecting. I admittedly knew nothing about the brand before receiving them in the mail and hadn't had the time to research before hand what kinds of products they produced. Upon seeing the products for the first time I noticed how short and stumpy these nails appear. I normally keep fairly long natural nails that I polish myself and because the length of these press on nails were incredibly short I had to trim mine down to nothing so that they wouldn't show underneath the press on nails. I find the length far too short! My second issue with these nails is that they just look cheap and tacky. I knew right away that wearing these out of the house to work would not be acceptable based on the designs I received and how childish they looked on. Third these nails do not take wear and tear well at all. These nails barely lasted a full hour before they started lifting up and eventually falling off and this was with just doing normal every day things like typing. I would hate to see how they would hold up at my day job where I am constantly using my hands. Overall, I'm rather disappointed in these nails. I feel like design wise they are flawed and are a bit behind the times especially when brands like Revlon have nail appliques which can be trimmed to fit all nail sizes, shapes, and live up to the wear time claimed in their advertising. I would only recommend these nails to someone that has a close nail shape to the false nail and if you only planned to wear them to an event for a few hours where you weren't planning on using your hands.