Friday, May 15, 2009

Eyes Lips Face

I have started looking at this site more in depth lately since I have a bit of cash in my paypal account from surveys saved up that I don't know what to do with. As if I need more makeup but I have been looking at all of their mineral stuff and have been reading reviews trying to decide if the huge shipping cost is worth it since I am not sure you really save a lot of money because what you save on the makeup goes towards the 14.98 shipping for Canada. Plus if you buy over $20 worth of makeup you get dinged with extra shipping fees at the border as well as GST and PST. I do like the prices of the mineral makeup though since it is way cheaper then the maybelline stuff I recently bought. I was wondering if anyone that reads the blog here has tried elf makeup before and if its worth the shipping charges?
I have been told some good stuff about the eyeliner (thanks sally) so I may go ahead in a week or two and place an order anyway and test it out and write a review here and compare it to the maybelline mineral makeup I just bought as if I need more makeup but I really want to switch over to all mineral makeup for my face since I have really sensitive skin and break out easily.

Anyway if you have tried makeup from elf before leave me a post and let me know how you liked it and if its worth it!

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