Saturday, November 26, 2011

Loose Button Lancome Contest

Just a reminder to please vote for me in the Lancome contest! I am one vote away from being bumped out of the top 25! Your votes will help me stay in the top and give me a chance to give away a special edition box to one of my blog readers!

All you have to do is like Loose Button on Facebook

  • Then just click on the "Lancome Contest" link on the left side of the page below the profile picture.
  • Fill out your information and then look for "My Briar Rose" in the voting section and click on vote.

It's that easy!!

You have until December 9th to vote for me and you can vote once every 24hour period.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Julep Maven Polish Christina

Pre clean up photo! I'm a very messy polisher. I haven't even applied a top coat yet but this polish is very shiny and shimmery!
This colour is stunning! It's very unique and looks so amazing. I can't wait to see how it shimmers in the sunlight. This is two coats but you might be able to get away with one. I'm a compulsive two coat polish person so I had to do two. This polish goes on very smoothly and dries fairly quickly. I can't believe I didn't sign up for this sooner because this is probably by far one of the best polishes to apply. I can't comment on wear right now because I just did it. I really hope it wears well because I am so in love with this brand right now.

Julep Maven

I got something very exciting in the mail today from Julep! I purchased the $5 introductory box to test out this program. It's the same as the other monthly beauty boxes that are out there only this one is nail polish!!
What you do is fill out a beauty quiz and based on the answers they will give you a list of polishes that are tailored to your quiz results. I got "It Girl" which is very much me completely. I love the unique colours and wear anything from dark vampy colours to bright neon colours.
Anyway on to the intro box!
Everything is very nicely packaged which makes it a great gift idea for the nail polish lovers in your life. It also makes it a bit extra special to unwrap yourself because it's like getting a birthday gift every month even though you know what will be in it. It's still a lot of fun!

The polishes come all snugly wrapped in tissue paper.

Based on my survey results these were the colours that were chosen for me in the introductory box.
From L to R Christina, Trina, Kim, and Nail Therapy, and a few hand cream samples which I am passing on to my mom because I never have a use for hand creams and she does.
If you like the looks of this box you can use my referral link here and sign up for yourself. The first box is your introductory box which you can get for $5 and then every month after that if you want to continue with the subscription is $19.99 a month. I think it's an amazing deal considering each polish if I were to purchase individually would cost $14.00!! You also get free shipping and 20% off orders if you become a maven member. You have the option to pause a month if there isn't any colours you want, you can also pass it on to someone else as a gift for a month if you don't want it, or you can cancel anytime.
If you want to try out the monthly maven program use my link:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Loose Button Luxe Box Lancome Contest

Please visit the link above to vote for My Briar Rose. The contest link is on the left below the display picture that says "Lancome Contest".
You may be wondering what is in it for you? Well if I win, not only do I get a limited edition box for myself, but I also get one to giveaway on my blog!! That means that one lucky person would also have a chance to win. You can vote once a day so please cast your vote and maybe you yourself will be the lucky recipient of a limited edition Lancome Luxe Box!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monthly Subscriptions to Beauty Boxes

Since reviewing the Luxe Box for October I decided to go on the hunt to see what was available for monthly boxes that Canadians could subscribe to. I found a nail box called Julep Maven. They had offered a $5 introductory box if you are new so I signed up. I am awaiting the intro box right now but I plan to review it once I receive it. It is pricey at 19.99 a month regular price of the monthly boxes, but it might be a nice treat once in awhile since their nail polishes to purchase are 14.99 a piece. You can skip months as well which is the appeal for me. If you go away you can skip getting a box that month, or if you just don't want a box that month you have the option to skip. I like this idea because I don't have to commit to the whole 12 months, which means I can pause the subscription for a few months if I don't want a box. I am hoping this works out because I know I can't afford a box each month so I am planning on getting boxes for special occasions or for those months when I need a cheap pick me up!
I also found a box similar to Luxe called Glymm. I haven't signed up for that one, but I may try it in the next few months just to see how it stands up to Luxe. I didn't think we had so many options for monthly subscriptions! I need to stop researching now though because I will end up broke with all these monthly boxes.
I'm currently on a no spending ban, so it's hard to find these great things and not be able to purchase them long term. It might be a nice idea for a Christmas gift though for the person you don't know what to buy for. I am on this self imposed ban until school is paid for this year. Which means I have about 3 months left of the permanent ban before I can start splurging a little again.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Nails!

China Glaze Zombie Zest. Probably the only green I will ever think about wearing. I basically only bought it for the name last year not thinking I would actually like it on. It is a pretty shear swamp green with gold and green reflective micro glitter. I did two coats and should have done three.