Sunday, June 7, 2009

*Review* Maybelline Greatlash Mascara

I finally opened up this mascara yesterday after having it for a few months...I kept it sealed in the packaging though so it kept. It was a buy one get one free deal so my mom bought one and gave me the free one. I usually never wear mascara because I used to only wear glasses and when I would wear mascara my eyelashes would hit my glasses and it was annoying. I finally have contacts though and now wear them when I go out so I can start wearing mascara!
I really don't know the price of the mascara since I didn't buy it but I think it is somewhere around $3 a tube, which is a great price. The site says its contact wearer safe so perfect for me and it is hypoallergenic.
I'm unsure about this mascara right now. I have mixed feelings about it. Some qualities of it I like and some I hate. My first impressions are that it goes on well, it doesn't clump at all and I didn't have to comb through my lashes a ton of times to get it to look nice. It also didn't feel like I was wearing mascara it felt natural enough and my eyelashes weren't overly stiff. The brush was a nice size as well and made it easier to apply. It dries very fast as well which is a plus for me because I don't like the ones that take forever to dry or feel sticky. I didn't like that my eyelashes stuck straight out and no amount of curling them could make them do anything other than stick straight out. It's not overly dark or anything either. I don't like the natural look of it, if I wanted a natural look I wouldn't use mascara since my lashes are already thick and dark.
When I had to take my contacts out last night the mascara didn't come off with my contacts so that was a great plus since it stayed on my lashes and didn't end up on my contacts. It took forever to actually wash it off my lashes though, that was a huge con. This stuff is waterproof and then some. I think I may actually still have some on my lashes because I gave up after about 15min. I tried makeup remover pads and it took some of it off but I noticed after not all of it, so then I tried soap and water and that took a bit more off but still not sure all of it came off, at that point my eyes were sore from rubbing them so I stopped trying to take it off. The website for maybelline says to use their makeup remover to take it off but that is just a marketing tactic, my mom said to use baby oil because that is what she uses and it takes it off really well. I hate baby oil on my eyes though it makes my eyes blurry and greasy feeling and I hate that.

  • applys well
  • doesn't clump
  • lightweight doesn't feel heavy
  • brush is nice
  • quick drying
  • doesn't come off when I take my contacts out
  • inexpensive
  • did nothing special for my lashes
  • lashes stuck straight out and didn't curl at all no matter what
  • not very dark looks very subtle you can hardly notice it
  • had a hard time removing it at the end of the day tried makeup remover and soap and water and nothing seemed to take it off 100%
Overall I would give this product a 2/10.

I wasn't overly wowed but it works average, would I buy it? Probably not I prefer my mascara to show up a bit more when I use it. I also like something that helps curl my lashes and comes off a bit easier.

Edited to add: Yesterday was day two of wearing this mascara and I officially hate it. Last night I spent so long trying to get the mascara off that I now have an open sore on the corner of my eye that is so very painful. :( I think I am finished with using this mascara and will switch to the covergirl stuff I have that says it comes off with soap and water. Oh and I did use baby oil and it still didn't come off...I am pretty sure I still have 75% of the mascara still on my lashes.


  1. I'd recommend just buying a cheap eye makeup remover if you're having such issues taking it off. Use it with a makeup pad before you wash your face. They all have the same stuff in them basically and it'll make your life easier.

    woohoo my first comment on your blog!! :P