Saturday, July 4, 2009

*Review* The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

Ok so I was suckered into buying this stuff a few months ago when it was out because it was a limited edition product and wouldn't be around for long. Plus I loved the smell but I love most of the scents that they have at The Body Shop. I usually wouldn't spend $25 on something for myself especially not when its just a jar of body butter. I guess I must have been in a spending mood, and besides it was bought with Christmas money so free to me. I have to say its well worth the money I spent! I love the smell of it which is what really got me to seriously consider buying it, even though I had a ton of similar products at home. The smell doesn't fade at all and it lasts all day until you shower it off. Not like a few other body butters I have bought that lost their smell a few hours after applying. It goes on really nice and doesn't leave any after greasy feel at all. Also a little goes a long way especially since I don't have dry skin. Instead its the opposite very very oily skin so I was worried about this body butter. It leaves my skin nice and soft and doesn't break me out. Every time I open the jar it makes me want raspberries! I love it so much that I actually went out and found matching deoderant to wear haha. This is my all summer scent I have decided since I can just use the body butter and nothing else and can enjoy the lasting scent. I have other sets where I have to apply the body butter, then use the body spray as well to get a decent scent, and then it fades really quickly. Then I am left back at square one and would have to carry everything with me to reapply if I wanted the scent all day.

  • smells amazing! Good enough to eat actually though I wouldnt recommend it!
  • large jar will last a long time since a little goes a long way
  • leaves skin soft
  • doesn't leave a greasy after feel
  • is a great summer scent
  • pricey
  • large jar might go bad before I use it all since there are no additives to keep it for a long period of time
Overall I would give this product a 9/10!

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  1. Hey Its Kitty.
    U should try the walmart version if it if you want to save some money. From experience it work just as well