Tuesday, August 25, 2009

*Review* Maybelline Shine Seduction Lip Gloss

This lip gloss has won the best beauty award in 2007, but I honestly can't see why. I like the colours available and its nice when you first apply it. It goes on super smooth and nice. It also doesn't glob or end up in the corner of your mouth. I also love the shine and sparkle of it too. The only problem I have is that it doesn't last very long. I have to keep reapplying every half hour because its completely gone from my lips. I don't lick my lips or eat or anything like that and it just seems to disappear, which is disappointing because I love everything about it except it has no staying power. This is the first lip gloss that I have ever went through this fast! It's actually quite sad. I think it retails for about $8 and I doubt I would spend that much money on it. I will just try to compare the colour I have to another brand to try.

Monday, August 17, 2009

*Review* Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

I started using this a few weeks ago when I ran out of other face washes to use. I'm not really sure about this stuff at the moment. It has its ups and downs. I am thinking at this point more downs than ups but am finishing off the rest of the bottle since it was just a sample sized bottle or one of those gift with purchase trial sizes. I find it really really runny, well that was expected since it said it was cleansing milk but I really don't like that its so runny and milky in consistency. It makes it really hard to apply on your face without making a mess or wasting a lot of it down the sink. This stuff also burns! At least it did to my skin it started out as a nice tingle then started burning after a few seconds as I was applying more to the rest of my face. I couldn't wash it off quick enough. Not sure if I am allergic to something in it or if thats what it does to everyone, or if I just have really sensitive skin, but I didn't like that feeling. The only positive I can think of is that I haven't broken out or anything yet as a result of using the Clinique Cleansing Milk so it does get some praise for not breaking me out when most other products do.

*Review* Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

I have been using this mascara now for quite awhile after my whole episode with the Maybelline brand. I like this mascara way better then the Maybelline mascara. At least this stuff comes off with a bit of soap and water and no rubbing required so no sore eyes. It also doesn't smudge or run or anything which is great for the really warm weather we are currently getting. I especially love that its so easy to take off at the end of the day so that I don't end up with sore eyes again like with the Maybelline horror story I talked about earlier this year. The only complaint I really have is that the wand is really awkward to use at first. Now I am used to it so it isn't as difficult but I still find it harder to use compared to others I have used in the past. The wand is pretty big so I have to go a bit slower to avoid getting mascara on places other than my eyelashes, and I find it hard to do the left eye mainly because I am right handed and the wand is awkwardly shaped. Also the tube that the mascara is in won't stand up straight its pretty top heavy so it always falls over when I set it on the sink to do my mascara which is kind of annoying since it falls over and rolls off the sink. It needs to have a thicker base so that it sits on a surface without falling over. The actual brush for the mascara is pretty big as well and it makes it a bit more difficult I find to get it on without making a mess. I am used to smaller more precise brushes so it did take a long time to get used to, and I am not sure if I am even 100% used to it now. Overall though I do like this mascara I just wish it had a bit better packaging so that it was easier to handle and apply and then I would be totally in love with it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

*Review* Perfect 10 Hair Colour

Like I mentioned awhile ago I puchased the perfect 10 hair colour with bonus pantene expressions shampoo. I dyed my hair last Sunday and it turned out amazing perfect colour everything. BUT now its a week later and there is barely any colour left in my hair. :( I don't really know if its just because I washed my hair too soon after dying it or if its because of the red colour, or maybe my hair just isn't taking hair dye, all I know is that my hair is now a light orange/brown colour and almost back to where I started a week ago. Also every time I wash my hair dye comes out on the hair towel, its been like this all week. It is most likely washing out not fading out so I have no idea why that is happening especially a week later. This is really depressing because I loved the colour sooo much and it didn't even last a week. Plus I have been using the colour treated pantene red expression stuff as well so the colour should be keeping. I think it might just be my hair because when I was in Toronto the salon colour did the exact same thing. I really have no idea what to do other than letting it grow out to my natural colour again. This is really depressing though. I do have another box left so what I will do is dye it on a Thursday night and not wash my hair for a day or two well all weekend leave it just to see if that makes a difference. Since I don't think I waited long enough before washing my hair after dying because I had to work and couldn't not wash my hair or it would look really bad for work. So it didn't get the full 48 hours you are supposed to wait before washing your hair after dying it. Not too sure that will make much of a difference but guess I will see what happens in a month or two when I notice roots. If that doesn't work then maybe grow it out and not waste the money on something that is going to wash out after a week. I picked up two more boxes after doing my hair Sunday but will be returning one of them this weekend just in case the next time it washes out the same don't want to waste money on something that isn't going to stay longer than a week.