Sunday, June 14, 2009

*Review* Schick Intuition Razor

I recently got to try these free as part of a promotion they held, if someone gave you a pin code you could enter it and get up to 6 free razors for you and your friends. I am glad that I did get to try these razors free because they are expensive plus I don't think they are that great. The are very convenient though as the razor is all you need. No shaving cream or gel and virtually no mess. I like the built in moisturizing soap I guess you would call it that is around the razor. They are great if you are in a hurry and just need to quickly go over your legs before getting dressed. I don't really recommend them though for normal shaving since if your hair is anything longer then stubble it tends to be hit or miss and I find I have to go over my legs again with my other disposable razor that I use for under my arms. The Schick razor is also bulky and awkward to use on anything other then your legs so you will need a seperate razor for other areas. The soap also wears down unevenly mine tends to wear off the bottom first and the top seems to be the only part left, but you still have to throw it out cause if you use it that way you get intense razor burn. The razor is only good for about 4 or 5 shaves since the strip wears away that fast unless you use them with shaving cream/gel after the strip wears away but that kind of defies the purpose of using this razor. The razor does leave my legs really soft though which I like, and for me its hit or miss whether it gives me razor burn or not. If my leg hair is just stubble then I seem to be fine and get by with just using this razor without razor burn, but if its a bit longer hair then it seems to miss spots and get clogged and I have to press harder and I do get razor burn.
My sister loves these razors and she doesn't seem to complain about razor burn like I do, so I am guessing my legs must be sensitive like the rest of my body so I have to be picky about what I use on them. I probably won't be buying the refills for these when I am finished with them just because they are too expensive for how they work. I much prefer a disposable razor and shaving gel.

  • convenient if you are in a hurry
  • soap strips condition legs and leave them soft
  • refills are expensive
  • awkward to use on areas other then legs
  • need to have a backup razor for spots this razor misses and for other areas of your body
  • soap wears down unevenly on the strips
  • only get about 4 or 5 uses out of the razor before the strip wears down
  • hits and misses spots of hair
  • gives me razor burn most of the time
Overall I would give this product a 3/10!

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  1. omg, I HATE this razor too! haha. Between me and my sister, we had almost 30 of them at one point. We kept getting them free from random places all over the city. Finally, there's only one left because we kept giving them away to all our friends to came to visit us. :P