Monday, September 21, 2009

*Review* Skin Free Niaouli Scrub and Lite Moisture

I am sooo sorry this review took so long to make it here!

Awhile ago I was asked if I would like to review some products from Skin Free which is a company that uses 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients in their products. I did a review on the soap awhile ago when I had first received the package so now its time to finish reviewing the rest of the things I received and have been using for the past little while.

I love that these products have no harmful or harsh chemicals in them since I think I have figured out that is what is breaking me out to begin with! Since I have started using natural remedies or natural products I have noticed my skin looks clearer and more healthy and I haven't had much problems with acne since except for the occasional few pimples due to hormones.

First is the Skin Free Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin. I love this product! It smells sort of like menthol which I love with a hint of vanilla and it goes on really nice. It is kind of messy but I don't mind since I have used products way more messy than this. You also have to mix it up pretty much every use because its a sugar scrub and all the heavy stuff settles to the bottom. It makes my skin feel really soft and its very gentle even though it is a scrub. A lot of scrubs make my face feel raw after but this one is very nice and gentle. It's great for use every day if you choose to use it every day. I choose to use it every other day just so I don't over do it with my skin. I have noticed that my skin looks brighter after using this scrub and it does a great job at removing the dead skin cells from dried up acne without making the areas red and raw. I love this stuff! It goes a long way if you don't use it every day so its well worth the price.

Second is the Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin. At first I must say I was kind of scared to try this out because I never thought my very oily acne skin needed moisture! I figured it would just break me out even more. I also love this stuff! I have pretty much the whole jar left still though since you don't need to use very much of it, especially if you have oily skin like I do! It does help keep away the dry skin that I usually get when I have to use my harsh acne products. I always thought that drying them out was the best option but have since found out that it was just making my skin work harder and that would cause more breakouts. This product creates a nice balance between dry and oily when I have to use my harsh acne products that dry out my skin. This product is also worth the money you will spend since you don't need to use a lot so it should last you a very long time as well. I also have to add that it doesn't smell either! I have another moisturizer for oily skin and it smells like sunscreen which turns me off of using it because I hate the smell of sunscreen! This doesn't really have any distinct smell that I can tell, a slight vanilla one but its not really strong enough that you notice it once its on your face which makes it even better to use because I don't notice it by the smell all day on my face.

Overall I highly recommend these products if you are looking for all natural alternatives to skincare that really do work. I would post a picture of my awesome amazing skin at the moment, except it doesn't look all that great with the black eye and all the bruising from the surgery! Plus I have been neglecting my skincare routine since Thursday because its very painful to wash my face where all the swelling and bruising is, but trust me my skin hasn't looked this good in at least almost three years!

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