Sunday, July 15, 2012

Always Infinity Pads Review

I received these to test as part of the Chick Advisor program.

I have been an Always brand user for awhile but I normally use the ultra thin slender pads that are supposed to be great for teens. I'm not a teen but I don't have much of a flow so they work really well and aren't overly bulky. I find that these pads for me were only useful at night when I slept because the back was wider so that I wouldn't leak out onto my sheets if I slept on my back. I found the wideness of them a bit uncomfortable to wear all day, as well as them being too long front and back to wear during the day and still feel comfortable. I felt like people could see my pad at the front and back through my shorts because of how long they were. I would definitely like to see a smaller version (maybe another great for teens type) for me to even consider purchasing them.

I also find the scent of these products a little odd. I'm not quite sure what it is but there is something about them that sort of smells like a floor cleaner to me. I also thing I may be allergic to whatever is used to make them scented since I normally don't have problems with other Always products and these made me itchy. I would really like a non scented option or else I don't think I would be able to purchase them again. The itching sensation was definitely noticeable while only wearing these pads and I felt like I had to re-arrange myself or scratch the itch when I had them on.

I love the packaging of the Infinite products and wish that Always would consider changing all of their products to a box format. It makes it much easier to store and open and close without having a ripped open bag sitting around. The coupons inside are a great bonus as well because I find feminine products seriously over priced. I mean come on manufacturers make it a bit cheaper for us ladies since these are practically necessity items!