Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clear Remedy Acne Treatment

The other day I received an email from Intelligent Beauty. They asked me if I was interested in testing out a 60 day supply of Clear Remedy Acne Treatment and writing a review. Of course I agreed! I have been struggling with acne for the last two years (ever since I turned 18). Almost everything I have tried has failed to impress me so far. The only exception being tea tree oil which I currently use and it helps a bit but I still get acne outbreaks more than I would like. When I receive the product I will be doing weekly updates on my skin and if its improving and any other details that need to be noted, and maybe if I am brave enough perhaps a before and after picture?!

So first some basics about the Clear Remedy Line:

How does Clear Remedy work?

Clear Remedy attacks and fights acne at the source and is clinically proven to heal existing blemishes and to help
prevent future breakouts.

How is Clear Remedy effective?

Clear Remedy is effective as result of a 3-step system, which delivers a propriety combination of 13 functional
ingredients to the skin.

How do 3 steps work?

Step 1:
Unclog Pores with the Purifying Cleanser that contains Multifruit BSC which helps exfoliate and clear away dead cells, surface oils, debris and other pore cloggers.
Step 2:
Kill Bacteria with the Acne Treatment Lotion that provides oxygenating agents that prevents acne bacteria to grow.
Step 3:
Hydrate & Clarify with the Hydrating Lotion that delivers an Advanced Moisture Complex to boost skin's hydration level.

For more info visit: iQ Clear Remedy

Here is what they offer in terms of the Clear Remedy Line and prices (which are pretty reasonable):

Purifying Cleanser - $35
Acne Treatment Lotion - $65
Hydrating Lotion - $40
Acne Spot Treatment - $30
Try Me Kit - $30
Nutritional Supplements - $45

I would probably recommend the try me kit first if you want to test out the products before committing to the full size before you know if it works.

Now here is what I really love!

The Clinical Results
Acne Reduction
saw a reduction in breakouts
reported a reduction in blackheads & pimples
reported clear skin with no active acne
saw clearer skin in just 3 days - and 100% saw results within a week

Those 4 stats alone make me sooo excited about trying this product out and I can't wait to receive it!

Now the best part for my readers, if you are interested in purchasing the Clear Remedy 3 Step System use the code GETCLEAR30 to get 30% off and Free Ground Shipping!

*offer good for U.S residents only. If you are a Canadian resident and are interested in the offer let me know and I can forward your request on to the company and they will set you up with the offer!


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  2. whoa, that is one expensive system!! you better have clear skin in a week!!! are they competitors to proactiv. you should get a test kit from them too! ;)

  3. It is pricey but depends what is included and how well it works. I think they are competitors to proactiv. Except I think proactiv uses peroxide in their products which stains everything, and I have chocolate coloured bed sheets that wouldn't be fun LOL

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