Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crest 3D Whitestrips 2 Hour Express

*Borrowed image because my box showed up in worse for wear shape*

*This product was provided to me free of charge to test by Chick Advisor*

First of all I will start with a bit of background on the product. The box is a years supply of whitening strips. You are only supposed to do one treatment every 3 months. You are supposed to leave them on for 2 hours and then remove and repeat again in three months time.

My initial thoughts on this product. While reading through the little booklet that comes in the box I didn't notice very complex steps. They were pretty vague actually. They have three steps to remove from packaging, place on teeth, and remove after 2 hours. I figured it would be easy enough I just needed to find 2 hours that I wouldn't be hungry or thirsty. That is actually pretty hard for me! You also can't brush your teeth before doing the treatment so doing later at night was out of the question too.
Upon opening the strips and trying to apply them I noticed they were really long for my mouth. I don't know if anyone else had problems with them, but for me I had problems getting the top ones to stay put. They kept sliding because I couldn't wrap the ends under because they were so long they went back to my molars and didn't adhere 100% at the back which made them shift down. Once they were applied I noticed that I had a lot of saliva and I really wasn't sure if I could swallow it or since these strips are peroxide if I had to spit it out. I opted to spit it out and that was when I started having slippage problems with the top strips. I really wish they had more instructions in the booklet. I ended up trying to search the internet for the answer. The taste also leaves a lot to be desired and may not be ideal for anyone with a delicate gag reflex. I got about 20 minutes into treatment and my teeth and gums were hurting so bad I opted to remove the strips. My gums were actually bleeding as soon as I removed the strips. I can't fairly judge how well they whiten since I didn't stick out the full two hours, but for me personally the pain is not worth any amount of teeth whitening.

  • One treatment every 3 months
  • One box is a years worth of treatments
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Large strips that cover well
  • Kind of messy if you have to keep repositioning them like I did
  • Strips were too large for my smaller mouth so they didn't adhere as well as they should have
  • Bleeding gums after 20min
  • Very sore gums and teeth after only 20min
  • Taste is horrible
Overall I would never purchase these again and am not sure if I am going to attempt a full two hour treatment since my gums are still throbbing from the short time they were on my teeth tonight. I think I would rather use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash since I don't have badly stained teeth to begin with.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Late on the Bandwagon

I know I am way late on the whole crackle polish trend, but it was so unavailable here it took me four months to find it!
Here are two of my favourite looks. One is using Sally Hansen Black Ink over Sephora IM Beauty, and the other is using China Glaze Platinum Pieces over Revlon Lunar.

Nail of the Day

I was bored yesterday so I did my nails. I used Sephora Violet Amethyst. I love this colour it's such a vampy purple. It has flecks of red in it but you really can't see it unless you look hard in sunlight! It wears horribly though and it's chipping at the tips already and it's only been on for 24 hours :(
The colour is still amazing though! I guess I will have to find another brand that offers the same look but wears much better.