Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got An Awesome Surprise In The Mail Today!

Well I just recently got a job at the local post office well part time post office, other part doing a makeup/skincare line, but am in training so full time at the post office for now. Imagine my surprise when I see a fairly large box with my name on it! I was excited but had to wait till I started putting packages into the system before I could see who it was from. Right away I knew it was my Clear Remedy products to test when I saw that it came from Intelligant Beauty. I have to say that when I got home and could open it I was so surprised to see that it was actually packaged really really well so that it wouldn't get damaged! It's a good thing they used a larger box and packed it full of what I call grass haha (no it wasn't actually grass but I made a huge mess with it ripping into the package), the one whole side of the box was all squished in acordian style. Lovely, thank you postal services. Everything in the box was fine though because of all the extra precautions taken to package it well.
In the package was a letter on top thanking me for trying and reviewing the product which I thought was really nice that it was personalized and signed by someone and they let me be in the know about a few upcoming campaigns they are going to be doing which I hope I can review as well because they sound really awesome! Next after I got out the first layer of paper grass there was a booklet that says "Clear Skin Starts Here" and it is a guide to clear healthy skin which is a nice bonus. It tells you a bit about acne and who suffers from it, as well as what acne is. They also have some fact and fiction about acne which I found interesting. So now I can prove to my mom that chocolate doesn't cause acne. There are also tips to prevent acne and near the back it shows you in what order to use the acne system, and what each product does. Next were the products yay my favourite part. I received the purifying cleanser, hydrating lotion, acne treatment lotion, and acne spot treatment lotion. The boxes also say the products are dermatologist and sensitivity tested, hypoallergenic, colour and dye free, and paraben free. Added plus since I was hoping for something more on the natural side instead of what is usually out there for acne treatment.
I can't wait to try these out! Something I will be doing starting tomorrow and will update on how well it works in the next week or so. I received enough product for 60 days of use so hopefully this will take care of some of the issues I am having with my skin.

I almost forgot enter the code GETCLEAR30 at checkout on the Clear Remedy site and receive 30% off AND free ground shipping!
You can also follow Clear Remedy on Twitter for exciting articles, promotional codes, and interesting facts.

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