Saturday, May 16, 2009

*Review* Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

Like the previous post stated I got the sample sized packet of the Pore Unclogging Scrub to try out as well. I quite like this product too because it is gentle on your skin, and it left my skin really soft and smooth and free of oil for a long time after washing my face. The beads in the scrub aren't too harsh and weren't sharp like some other scrubs that I have used. The scrub is a little harsh though if you use it daily. I noticed after awhile my skin was starting to get dry scaley patches where I had acne clearing up. I guess you could say this stuff works too well! It works great if you use it a few times a week but I really wouldn't recommend it for daily use since it left my very very very oily skin dried out, which I have never had happen before ever! It costs about the same as the cleanser so it is a bit pricey compared to other brands but worth it, especially since you will have the scrub even longer if you can only use it a couple times a week.

  • left my skin soft and smooth and oil free for the first few days of use
  • gentle beads don't scratch your skin
  • helps clear up acne
  • good value for money since it will last awhile
  • worked too well and left my skin with dry patches after about 4 days straight use
  • price is a little higher then comparable items
Overall I give this product an 8/10

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