Monday, July 20, 2009

*Update* Clear Remedy Acne Treatment

Ok so my last post on this was the 9th so its time for another update I believe. So far so good with the acne. My whole face is actually pretty clear. I would say about 98% of my face is clear with no acne. My chin area still has a bit and I do have one on my forehead but it sure beats the full out forehead and chin acne that I used to have! Plus this time of the month is the worst usually for acne so I am glad that I haven't had the full breakout that I normally get around that time of the month. Though I do think that is the contributing factor in the bit of acne I have right now because my face was almost 100% clear the last time I updated. I have stopped using the hydrating lotion though because I found it made my skin too oily and I found I had to powder more often and blot my forehead a lot. So I stopped using it and probably won't unless I find the other treatments are starting to dry my skin out then I will start. I also rarely use the spot treatment since I haven't had anything come up that bad lately that I need to take care of. The cleanser and acne treatment lotion seem to be working great on their own so if I can eliminate a few steps in the morning that's even better since I don't have a ton of time to get ready anyway.

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