Wednesday, June 3, 2009

*Review* Conair Ultra Slim Ceramic Hair Straightener

I bought this about a month ago when it was on sale at walmart for $18. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a hair straightener since the one I did own cost $10 and it was a Revlon travel sized straightener which worked ok but it didn't have any different heat settings and took 10minutes to heat up which was frustrating, plus since it didn't have any heat settings sometimes it would get so hot I would get steam burn from it! I bought the Conair brand because it was the cheapest option even with the regular price (about $22) and I knew I was only going to use it occasionally since I am just too lazy to straighten all my hair (I have a lot of hair and it takes FOREVER). Also the Conair straightener has only 3/4 inch plates vs my Revlon one which was 2 inches and hard to get close to my hair line. Also it was hard to handle sometimes since it didn't even have a handle you had to hold onto the parts close to the plates, hence how I always ended up with steam burn! I usually only straighten my bangs since they are about cheekbone length normally or a little longer and they dry funny and all curly, also sometimes my shortest layers go weird if I go to bed with my hair wet so I need to straighten them in the morning.

I have to say I really love this straightener! It heats up in 30 seconds (I think it said 60 on the box but its definitely faster then that!) and has a light to indicate when its hot. It has 25 different heat settings (0 being for fine hair 25 for coarse thick hair). I usually leave it on around 5-10 because that seems to be hot enough for my hair, well the parts that I do. If I was doing my entire head I would probably set it at about 15 because I have really thick hair and it would take less time to do the hotter its set. It also leaves a shiny finish with no fly aways. The handle on it is also amazing since its curved and feels great in your hand. The cord is nice and long as well which is great for me because I am tall and sometimes can't do my hair in the bathroom so have to settle for my bedroom and I don't have a plug in that is really close to a mirror. It's probably not as great as a more expensive model but it gets the job done and works good enough for me to not have any complaints, though I haven't attempted to do all my hair yet.

  • Inexpensive
  • different heat settings for different hair types
  • small plates that get close to the hair line
  • leaves hair shiny and smooth with no fly aways
  • long cord
  • nice curved handle that works well with your hands
  • heats up really quick
  • have read that it cracks easily if dropped (I haven't dropped mine so I don't know how true it is but I will try to avoid that as much as possible!)
  • The highest settings are really hot and I wouldn't recommend using them unless you need to because they will probably damage your hair.
Overall I would give this product a 9.5/10!


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  2. i have that straightener 4 about 3 or 4 months ago and the end snapped so good luch