Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matchstick Herbal Essences Campaign

I recieved 10 coupons in the mail awhile ago for 10 free bottles of Herbal Essences new shampoo and conditioner line from Matchstick a word of mouth company that regularly has promotions like this for blog owners to test out and blog about the products. The coupons were to hand out to friends and family so that they could try the shampoo and conditioner. The product was already out in Canada by the time I received the free coupons so I had already purchased it as well as tested it out for a magazine company before the coupons arrived, so I handed out the coupons to friends and family and kept a couple for myself since I love the new line! My sister and I haven't purchased any other brand or type of shampoo or conditioner since getting the test from Elle we love it that much!

This stuff is amazing! I have been using the Self-Targeting hydralicious line for the last few months and I have to say its probably the best thing to happen to my hair!
My sister is also addicted to this shampoo now. She uses the Featherweight because she has fine thin hair and needs the volume.

I got 6 bottles (shampoo and conditioner from each line) to test for Elle Magazine a few months ago and now I am hooked! This is the only stuff I will be using from now on. I also ended up receiving the 10 coupons from Matchstick after receiving the test from Elle so yippy! Shampoo and Conditioner for everyone that lives with me or close to me!

There are three different types to choose from: Featherweight (for fine thin hair to give it volume), Reconditioning (for dry damaged hair), and Self-Targeting (for normal hair).

Normally I have the type of hair that has to be washed daily or it looks horrible, I have dry ends because I straighten my hair, but I also have oily roots because my skin/scalp is naturally very oily. If I don't wash my hair daily it ends up looking greasy and really bad and hard to style. I have noticed since using the Self Targeting shampoo I can skip a day washing my hair if I want to because it doesn't look so greasy as fast as when I was using sunsilk. Another plus to this shampoo is that it smells amazing! You may actually be tempted to eat it...though I really wouldn't recommend doing that.

Overall I would give it a 10/10!


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