Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Awesome Find Nice and Easy Perfect Ten with Bonus Pantene Expressions Shampoo!

On the weekend at Walmart I found kits of Perfect 10 hair colour with bonus Pantene Expressions shampoo so I picked one up because I was on the hunt for a hair dye similar to what they did my hair when I was in Toronto for the photoshoot. The price was posted at 13.59 which is the price of just the box of hair dye. So I was thinking it was a great bargain since you were getting the shampoo (value 7.49) free. When I got to the check outs in scanned in at $10!!! So I got the shampoo free AND saved 3.59 on the hair colour! Even better deal! I went back on Monday and grabbed a couple more of the Light Auburn Perfect 10 and bonus Red Expressions shampoo because I love this colour on me! They do have select shades though so you are kind of out of luck if you don't use either Light Auburn, Dark blonde (I think it was dark blonde but I might be wrong), Light Brown or Med Brown. Also there are coupons out there for $3 off Nice and Easy as well if they will let you use them on the bonus package which they should so you could get it for $7.

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