Sunday, December 7, 2014

Influenster Keurig 2.0 Follow Up Review

This is a review follow up after having actually tried the machine a few times now. I set everything up Friday night so that Saturday morning I could have it ready to go for a fresh cup of coffee to take on my way to work. The machine preheated quickly and I was able to have a fresh hot cup of coffee in about three minutes without any mess of having to use my french press, boil a kettle, let everything sit for a bit to get stronger, etc. In that sense this machine is awesome! I also just made the hot chocolate cup tonight which was a bit less awesome since I'm not entirely a hot chocolate fan, but there is another reason for the two cups I have had so far to be less than awesome.

I first have to say that I completed set up to the letter that was written in the manual and even gave everything that I could a quick wash out like I normally do with new things prior to setting everything up. My coffee that I made for work Saturday morning smelled funny and tasted heavily of plastic. Thinking it was a new machine issue with just the first cup I made sure to run a couple rounds of hot water before making my hot chocolate tonight just in case. Well the hot chocolate also had a strong plastic taste. I'm not sure if my machine is defective? At this point in time I have run about two complete rounds of water from the reservoir and it still comes out smelling like strong hot plastic water when I do hot water.

I use a Keurig machine that we have at work and everything tastes fine and there is no strong plastic smell or taste when I brew coffee or get hot water from that machine so I do know Keurig machines are capable of making drinks that don't taste like chemical plastic. I just haven't yet figured out why mine is producing undrinkable plastic instead of delicious coffee. I want to love this machine because I love the convenience of using it in the morning as opposed to perk coffee. I also know that I love the Keurig machine we have at work because it makes excellent coffee. Any ideas why mine does not?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Influenster Keurig 2.0

I received an email Thursday from Influenster saying that I had been selected for a Keurig Voxbox. I had assumed at the time that I had qualified to receive some k-cups to test out or some such thing. I was trying to think back to recent surveys as I do not own a Keurig at all and was wondering why I would qualify to test something that I didn't even have the means to use! We do have a machine at work though that I could have used to test had the package been what I thought it was. I did some internet searching when I got home from work, but all the information I was finding was from a campaign in September where they got to test the machine. That made me wonder...Were we going to get a machine too?! Today my question was answered when I was notified that I had a parcel to pick up at the front desk. Inside the massive outer box was this equally massive box:
IT'S A KEURIG MACHINE! Yes, Influenster sent me the Keurig 2.0 machine to test and review! I am a self proclaimed coffee addict due to my crazy work scheduling so this is probably one of the best campaigns I could ever be in. Inside that box were these essentials to get me started:
There are four various types of single k-cups and two of the larger k-cups to do the 4 pot carafe in the starter pack. Plus if you register your machine on the Keurig website you will get a coupon code for buy two boxes, get two free! That is a great deal considering that makes the boxes with 24 k-cups about $8.50 each which works out to about .35/per cup of coffee.

Now I haven't actually tried the machine yet since I picked it up tonight and don't drink coffee in the evening. The actual testing it will have to happen tomorrow morning before I head off to work. My sister bought be a great ceramic tumbler for Christmas a few years ago so now I think that will get more use as I would save money buying k-cups even at regular price and bringing my coffee with me vs. buying from Starbucks on my way.

Pros to the machine/Keurig brand so far: 
  • It looks like the website has some good variety to choose flavoured coffee or specialty coffee. 
  • The machine looks nice and is pretty quiet when heating up and brewing. 
  • The machine doesn't get super hot and actually stays cold. I could move the machine no problem immediately after doing the cleaning brew. This is a great pro considering the machine is currently set up on top of an antique wooden table with a glass protective top. I simply have no where else to put it and storing it isn't an option either since storage space is tight. 
  • I've always wanted a Keurig and now that I have one I can see myself slashing my coffee costs in half by using the machine for specialty coffee instead of going out for a cup. 
  •  Registering the machine gives you a code for two free boxes of k-cups when you purchase two. 
  • Comes with a carafe feature so that I can brew at least four cups when I have visitors. Previous to this I had no way to make anything other than individual cups with my french press so I would never drink coffee with guests at home. We would go out!
Cons to the machine/Keurig brand so far:
  •  This machine is pretty large considering. I currently use a french press due to space issues and a tiny shared kitchen. I have had to set this machine up on a side table that I have because there simply isn't enough counter space for the size of this machine! Probably not a good idea for anyone sharing a condo that has a tiny kitchen with roommates.
  •  The machine apparently only works with certain k-cups which means no going to Winners/Marshalls/Homesense to buy other branded k-cups for a cheaper price tag than the ones on the Keurig site. If you google there are ways around this, but I really wish Keurig had of left this feature out to begin with so that people could choose which k-cups they wanted to purchase and use. There is a particular brand that I buy and use in our k-cup at work that has the most amazing caramel flavoured coffee. I'm sad that they won't work in this machine and I honestly think this feature is ridiculous and a step back for the Keurig brand.  
  • The special k-cup thing also means you won't be able to buy one of those reusable pods and do your own coffee. Another downfall as I stockpile and have tons of bagged coffee at home. It would be nice to be able to purchase one of these re-usable pods so that I could brew a carafe of ground bagged coffee if I so choose. This option would also be more environmentally friendly since there would be less waste from disposable k-cups. I hope they figure out a way to make this work as I could see myself using the machine way more often if I could use a reusable pod.
  •  The website is out of stock on the flavoured k-cups that I want to buy! Not sure how often they stock the online store so I will have to monitor it and see how long it takes for them to do a restock.