Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*Review* N.Y.C Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup

I bought this product awhile ago but didn't use it till last week. I got it home and it was darker then my skin tone it looked more orange and fake looking so decided to keep it for stage makeup. There were no testers in the store but it was the lightest of the three choices and it looked light enough for my skin in the store so I bought it because it was inexpensive (about 2.99 for a 35ml tube on sale from 4.99). It is oil free as well as fragrance free which is another bonus since I have really sensitive acne prone skin.
I used it for the first time last week as my foundation for a show I was in. I think it was a mistake to go ahead and use it on my entire face for the first time. The first night I was ok didn't really notice anything odd when I took my makeup off. I did wake up with a few pimples that weren't there before in places that I normally don't get acne, but didn't link it to the makeup as I usually get acne fairly often. I used it the second night for the show as well, but this time ended up leaving my makeup on longer then a few hours because we had a cast party afterward and I didn't get a change to take it off for about 5 or 6 hours. I woke up the next day to a disaster zone. My face was completely covered in welts. Not the normal acne I get, plus they are in areas that I never get acne like my cheeks I normally just get it on my chin and forehead so I was thinking this is odd.
The product doesn't have a list of ingredients so I went searching for them online to compare to my other makeup to see if I could pinpoint the one ingredient I am allergic to so I can avoid it in the future but couldn't find much. I did find the one site that shows if the makeup you use is hazardous to your health so I searched for this product and found out it has something called "propyl paraben" in it which is a skin irritant, so I am assuming that is what I am allergic to in this product, and it doesn't show up as an ingredient in any of my other makeup that I looked at either so I think it might be safe to say that is the ingredient that severely irritated my skin.

  • inexpensive
  • will last a long time as its a fairly large tube
  • oil free and fragrance free
  • not tested on animals
  • non pore clogging
  • ended up having a huge allergic reaction to it which my skin is still recovering from
  • the lightest colour available appears orange and fake if you have really fair skin
  • doesn't really cover evenly, went on streaky
  • no list of ingredients on the tube just the packaging which was destroyed and thrown away when I got it home after purchasing
  • contains propyl paraben which is supposed to cause skin irritations
  • couldn't find the contact info for the N.Y.C Canadian company to send them an email about how my skin reacted and to ask them about the ingredient that is supposed to cause skin irritations but will keep looking for it or may try emailing the american info I have for them.
Overall I would give this product a 1/5


  1. I've been using this for years in the sandy beige color and never had a problem. But mine comes in a bottle and you said yours was in a tube. Maybe it's not the same product? Anyway, I love it more than some expensive foundations.

  2. I bought this for the first time, because I had a $1.00 off coupon, even though it was pretty inexpensive to begin with. I was surprised they only had a few shades to choose from ( I got the bottle ) and that " Natural Buff " was the lightest shade they had. It wound up being too dark for my skin. I didn't leave it on long enough to have an allergic reaction to it. I washed it off right away, because of it being too dark ( almost the orange tone as mentioned previously ), and I had that obvious visible line separating the face from the neck that looks really tacky. I loved how inexpensive their whole line of make up was. Maybe I'll try something else in the future, just not their liquid foundation again, unless they get a lighter Ivory shade.

  3. Anonymous: I like the rest of their stuff. I use the face powder usually I think its translucent though, and am looking at their mineral makeup line because it seems inexpensive compared to the other mineral lines out just not sure about the shades they have.
    I so had the obvious line too it was bad! Guess we are too fair skinned to wear it.

    Cindy: I thought using it for stage makeup would be a good use for it since I have to go a shade darker usually for stage but then I broke out maybe I just have too sensitive of skin for certain products! I do notice I break out more easily then most with certain products and I have to be picky about what I use for face wash and other face products as well as body wash and lotions...so maybe its just me!