Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L'Oreal Everstrong Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm so glad I have a sample of this shampoo and that it was only a couple of uses. Man does this stuff stink and I mean it literally!
The positives are that it's sulfate free, but it's not completely natural. It doesn't leave my hair greasy even though it's moisturizing which is a huge plus since I sometimes get dry ends from straightening my hair.
I think there are more negatives with this one though. The biggest killer for me is the smell. It smells very herbal in a bad way, and the matching shampoo and conditioner both have different smells! The shampoo smells a little like lemon floor cleaner (very chemically smell which is weird), while the conditioner smells like strong mens deodorant or aftershave. I feel self-conscience leaving the house because I don't know how obvious my hair smells to other people but it has been confirmed that it does smell a bit manly compared to what I normally use so it isn't just my nose that notices! I would never buy this product based on the smell alone. I wish that hair companies would stop making natural products smell horrible. Strawberries are natural...so are citrus fruits and flowers so I think it should be fairly easy to incorporate a nice smell into shampoo even if it is natural or SLS free.

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