Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monthly Subscriptions to Beauty Boxes

Since reviewing the Luxe Box for October I decided to go on the hunt to see what was available for monthly boxes that Canadians could subscribe to. I found a nail box called Julep Maven. They had offered a $5 introductory box if you are new so I signed up. I am awaiting the intro box right now but I plan to review it once I receive it. It is pricey at 19.99 a month regular price of the monthly boxes, but it might be a nice treat once in awhile since their nail polishes to purchase are 14.99 a piece. You can skip months as well which is the appeal for me. If you go away you can skip getting a box that month, or if you just don't want a box that month you have the option to skip. I like this idea because I don't have to commit to the whole 12 months, which means I can pause the subscription for a few months if I don't want a box. I am hoping this works out because I know I can't afford a box each month so I am planning on getting boxes for special occasions or for those months when I need a cheap pick me up!
I also found a box similar to Luxe called Glymm. I haven't signed up for that one, but I may try it in the next few months just to see how it stands up to Luxe. I didn't think we had so many options for monthly subscriptions! I need to stop researching now though because I will end up broke with all these monthly boxes.
I'm currently on a no spending ban, so it's hard to find these great things and not be able to purchase them long term. It might be a nice idea for a Christmas gift though for the person you don't know what to buy for. I am on this self imposed ban until school is paid for this year. Which means I have about 3 months left of the permanent ban before I can start splurging a little again.

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