Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Look 1

Today I used the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Pearls in Khaki Craze. The rest of my eye makeup was my own since I was headed to work and don't have a ton of time to test out the gel liners in the morning. That will be more of a weekend project when I have the time to spend on creating some interesting looks and not something toned down for work. I really like the amount of shimmer in this eyeshadow, as well as its staying power. I still have it on now and it looks as great as when I did it this morning. There is a little bit of creasing, but I have naturally oily skin and all eyeshadow by the end of the day has creased, some moreso than others.I can't wait to try more in the collection!

Eyeliner - N.Y.C in Black
Eyeshadow - Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Pearls in Khaki Craze
Mascara - L'Oreal Double Extend


  1. That color looks awesome on you Rose! I have naturally oily skin too...found an amazing product from Benefit, called lemon aid. It's an eyelid primer! And by the end of the day, eyeshadow won't crease!:) You can find it at SDM/Sephora:)

  2. Wow love your look! :D It goes great with your eyes!

  3. miniv how much is it?? I should take a look at sephora when I go to Toronto because I don't think they sell benefit stuff here at our SDM...

  4. Sorry I'm creeping your blog Ash [I just wanted to see the pictures you took of your looks so far haha]. Buut, I found that if I put powder on my eyelids before I put on eyeshadow, it makes it last longer. I thought I'd just give you that nice little nugget of advice.

    - CARA!

  5. the "lemon aid" was somewhere in the $20's... I redeemed it through bonus redemption weekend last time!:D