Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*Review* The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Exfoliator

I bought this stuff from The Body Shop when they had an emailed printable coupon for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more in August. It's a bit on the pricey side $13 for a 100ml tube but I got it for $3 and tax so a really good deal at the time. I can honestly say that I love this stuff and plan on buying more when I run out because it works really well for my skin. It is a little on the pricey side compared to what I usually buy but I think its worth it since the directions say to use it max. twice a week. I got it in August and have used it twice a week since and still have 3/4 of the bottle left! I don't use it on my whole face though just the areas that need it that way I get more use out of it. I also use an inexpensive tea tree oil face wash from St. Ives (around $3.77 a bottle).

  • dries out pimples really well even on my very oily skin
  • keeps my skin smooth and soft for hours after washing my face
  • is a gentle scrub not harsh like some scrubs can be on the skin
  • lasts for a long time if you use it as directed and only on the areas that need attention
  • not tested on animals
  • made with community trade tea tree oil
  • minimizes breakouts
  • can be too drying depending on your skin type (I would only use it if you have really oily skin or you may get the peeling sunburn look which is worse then acne!)
  • a little on the expensive side at $13 per 100ml tube
  • is only one product out of an entire line of tea tree oil products that the body shop has and recommends you use them all together as part of a daily routine for more results which equals way more money then I am willing to spend on face products.
Overall I would have to give it a 4/5

I love this product though it is pricey and not something I would buy the complete set of because thats just too much to pay for my liking. Each product in the line costs around $9-13 which is too much if you are buying one of everything there. If you are just getting one product to use in combination with other less expensive products it is completely worth it to splurge and get the exfoliator or the pure tea tree oil.


  1. I tried this once, and it works GREAT

    Ive been using the facial wash for a month, and it works great also
    Since I hace scars, it really helps me by using exfoliator

    But, dont use this product everyday, may harsh ur skin

  2. I think it says on mine to use it twice a week :)
    but I have a more mild tea tree oil face wash that is for daily use that I got for around $3 at walmart its st. ives brand. I plan on writing a review on it next when I have a few moments to sit down!