Sunday, December 7, 2014

Influenster Keurig 2.0 Follow Up Review

This is a review follow up after having actually tried the machine a few times now. I set everything up Friday night so that Saturday morning I could have it ready to go for a fresh cup of coffee to take on my way to work. The machine preheated quickly and I was able to have a fresh hot cup of coffee in about three minutes without any mess of having to use my french press, boil a kettle, let everything sit for a bit to get stronger, etc. In that sense this machine is awesome! I also just made the hot chocolate cup tonight which was a bit less awesome since I'm not entirely a hot chocolate fan, but there is another reason for the two cups I have had so far to be less than awesome.

I first have to say that I completed set up to the letter that was written in the manual and even gave everything that I could a quick wash out like I normally do with new things prior to setting everything up. My coffee that I made for work Saturday morning smelled funny and tasted heavily of plastic. Thinking it was a new machine issue with just the first cup I made sure to run a couple rounds of hot water before making my hot chocolate tonight just in case. Well the hot chocolate also had a strong plastic taste. I'm not sure if my machine is defective? At this point in time I have run about two complete rounds of water from the reservoir and it still comes out smelling like strong hot plastic water when I do hot water.

I use a Keurig machine that we have at work and everything tastes fine and there is no strong plastic smell or taste when I brew coffee or get hot water from that machine so I do know Keurig machines are capable of making drinks that don't taste like chemical plastic. I just haven't yet figured out why mine is producing undrinkable plastic instead of delicious coffee. I want to love this machine because I love the convenience of using it in the morning as opposed to perk coffee. I also know that I love the Keurig machine we have at work because it makes excellent coffee. Any ideas why mine does not?

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