Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Revlon Selects!

Awhile back I was chosen to be a part of the Revlon Selects program that is new to Revlon. I received the box a few weeks ago but it was during the midst of my stressful exam week so I really haven't had a chance to use the products yet since I went straight from exams to working seasonally and that has left me no days off so far because of how busy the holidays are for retail.
For now I will leave you a teaser of what the package contained and I will post later and review each product individually once I have had a chance to try them out.

This small package awaited me one night as I was coming home from writing an exam.

Upon opening the box I was greeted by this:

The first thing I found was this nail polish duo called Moon Candy in the shade combo Orbit. It was hard to find the products in all that wrapping! I didn't want to make a huge mess so it was like a treasure hunt trying to locate and pull out everything in the package while leaving the paper pile undisturbed. This is a pretty purple colour with a flaky top coat.

The next thing I pulled out was the eye shadow and I am so excited to try this one out! I love the colours and how they sparkle. This is the photoready eyeshadow palette in Metropolitan. It's definitely a very me shade and I can't wait to find some occasion to wear it! I'm thinking for New Year.

Next I pulled out the lipstick and nearly died! I am so in love with this colour! Ultimate suede lipstick in Backstage. It's a very pretty deep red/burgundy colour that is completely in line with what I normally wear. I am very excited to try this one out!

Finally I found the last of the products hidden. The nail polish duo is the nail art expressionist in Vincent Van Gold. I LOVE the name of the polish and I am fairly nail art challenged to say the least, so I plan on trying this one out tonight to do a manicure to get me through boxing day since my Christmas one has long since chipped. They also included a cute glittery nail file. I'm not sure I'm in love with the file because I find the glitter does shed a bit and I really don't want to clean up a glitter mess after filing my nails. It may be best to use for a quick touch up and not to actually file all your nails down with.

Here is a group shot of everything that was in the package together. I'm very pleased that this program sent the colours they did. I think they tried to keep the colours to something that would go well with every skin tone. I was worried that without filling out a profile of any kind that I would be sent products that were completely out of the range of shades that I would ever use, so I was pleasantly surprised when these showed up. I know some posters on Facebook have said they disliked the lip colour but I am very happy they included this shade! I do get that it's hard to please everyone, but I feel like Revlon really tried to put together products that would work for almost everyone.

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