Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Revlon Selects Expressionist "Vincent Van Gold"

I just filed my nails down to nothing in preparation for boxing day madness. I work high end retail so we are anticipating a crazy day tomorrow! My nails were getting to that length where I would be too afraid of breaking one off and making them sore while rushing around in the craziness tomorrow. My nails grow super fast so I filed them down to little stubs and decided to paint them with one of the new colours I received in the Revlon package.

In the bottle this colour is super stunning. The purple shines blue or purple depending on the light and it looks great on the nail as well! The bottle is super awkward to hold and will take me more than a few times of using to get used to how heavy it is. I did a super terrible messy job painting the base colour because it was just so hard to control while holding the heavy top part. The first coat went on well and seemed to dry quite well but I ran into problems after the second coat. I painted my nails around 4pm and when I went to get a plate out for supper around 6 I ended up smudging the polish off my thumb! That's two hours of dry time and it still wasn't dry enough for me to grab a plate to eat! For me this is a deal breaker since who has 2+ hours to sit around while they wait for a coat of polish to dry? I have many Revlon polishes and they all seem to go on well and dry well. I have no idea what they did with this formula but they really need to change it. Even now over 3 hours later and I am still noticing it smudging and getting imprints when I do anything. I don't do thick coats of polish so it's not that I have it on too thick at all. It could actually use another coat but that won't be happening because the drying time is similar to waiting for actual paint to dry!

The nail art brush is nice, but as I am still design challenged. No brush will ever help me achieve cute nail art like some bloggers manage to achieve. This is clearly evident in my failed Christmas box and ribbon I tried to do on my accent nails...I may just use the gold as a nail polish and do an accent nail in gold since it is a stunning colour. I just don't have the patience to draw designs on my nails and have it turn out nice. 

Overall, I really don't see myself purchasing this in the future mainly because of the drying time. If Revlon could fix up the formula to make it something that doesn't take hours I would maybe be a bit more interested. I found these duos in neon colours at Marshall's on clearance for $3 when I was doing Christmas shopping. I would really be interested in trying those ones, but I fear the formula is going to be the same. I'm glad I waited and tried the ones from the package first because I never expected a drying time like this with a Revlon nail polish.

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