Saturday, June 9, 2012

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour

I received a coupon for a free box of this hair colour from their Facebook promotions they were having a few months back. I can't remember how long ago it was exactly since it seems like it took forever to arrive in the mail. When checking out the various shades online it seemed like they had a great selection with 24 different colours to choose from. The reality though is that all the stores I went to maybe had 12 different shades on display. Only two of those being reds. I was a bit disappointed in this as I only had the option of doing Light Red Brown (too orange looking on the box), or Deep Cherry Brown (looked kind of purple on the box).  I hunted everywhere looking for Dark Red Brown but no stores around me carried it, so the other night I went and picked up the Deep Cherry Brown and hoped for the best. I knew if I went with the lighter colour it would end up turning orange on my hair since I have a lot of natural reddish orange tones in my hair to begin, and colour doesn't stay too well in my hair so I went with the darker shade in hopes that when it fades out it will be the perfect colour and I won't need to deal with bright orange hair until I decide to do it again.

The box comes with a pair of gloves (that are very hard to get on), a squeeze bottle, a bottle of the colour to mix in with the squeeze bottle, and a very generous sized conditioner that will definitely last awhile since you are only supposed to do it once a week to seal in colour and keep it from fading. I may do the conditioner a couple of times a week since my hair doesn't really absorb colour as well and usually washes out in about a week. I will see if this makes a difference in how long the colour actually lasts.

Now the application was a bit weird and tricky. I'm not sure how much I like the foam. I mean sure it doesn't drip or anything, but the foam makes it hard to see if you actually have all of your hair coated. It's also very hard to try and do yourself since you have to squeeze the bottle for foam every time. It would be much easier if it actually pumped out like soap. I ended up with hair dye all over the bottle and table because you had to actually pick the bottle up and squeeze it, then set it down to coat your hair with the foam and repeat until the bottle was empty. I wasn't quite sure how to manage doing a strand test with this dye so I just applied and hoped for the best! I have shoulder length hair and there was way more than enough product to cover my hair. I actually probably could have done it twice with the one box but it was already mixed up so there was no way I could unfortunately. If you have long hair I definitely think one box will be more than enough to do your hair. The foam definitely doesn't foam as much as it shows in the instructions. It's about half as foamy which had me worried at first that it wasn't white and really foamy when I finished but it still worked all the same I think.

On my hair I don't find the colour very true to the box. The box makes the colour look purplish while on my hair it's a nice cherry red. I normally have a very hard time getting hair colour to keep in my hair so I will have to see how this colour washes and wears after awhile. For the price I would hope it lasts longer than a week or two. I purchased mine at Shopper's Drug Mart and it was $14.99, though it is cheaper at around $12.99 at Walmart.

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