Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Always Radiant Liners

I received this product to review from Chick Advisor.

These liners are designed to fit any type of underwear from boy shorts to thongs. This is a huge plus for some people, but for myself on the other hand this isn't a selling factor as I tend to always wear the same style of underwear and I don't need to adjust the liner size for the type of underwear that I tend to wear. This definitely makes them more versatile than other liners on the market currently.

These liners are super thin and definitely feel like you aren't wearing anything at all. This is important for me because I tend to always wear a liner daily unless I am wearing pads during that time of the month. At first I was concerned because they were so thin, especially around the outer edges where you can wrap them around as wings. I was surprised with how well they absorbed even though they are extremely thin. They stay in place really well and don't shift or crinkle up like some liners. When it's time to remove them they come off without leaving glue residue on your underwear like I find some liners do (I'm looking at you individually wrapped Always liners).

The package is a bright and colourful box that is very easy to open and close without having a ripped open bag of liners sitting around. The package contains 64 liners that are not individually packaged. A bit harder to carry them in your purse if you need them, but I think it's worth the compromise. They cost a little more than the liners I use regularly, but I would definitely buy them and stock up if they go on sale. I have read that they are cheaper if you purchase them at Walmart so I will have to check into that next time I go and see how they are priced compared to what I currently use and maybe stock up before I move to an area without a Walmart!

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