Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo

I received this product as part of a set of three products to review from Chick Advisor.

At first I was sort of weary about testing out products with the Pantene brand because from past experience the Pantene formula didn't pair well with my super oily thick hair. My hair would look greasy again in a few hours time after washing it and I never liked the general feel of my hair after using the brand. I think the Aqua Light product has made me change my mind on hating the brand completely.

The formula with this shampoo just feels better compared to other shampoos from the brand. It has a nice scent that isn't too overpowering, but yet it lingers just enough to make me feel like my hair is still freshly washed. It holds up well when compared to the other brands of shampoo I use, though I could do without the extra hydration it provides because my hair does not need it! I do find this shampoo to be nice and light weight and it rinses out of my hair well.

I feel like price wise it isn't the best deal out there, but for someone who maybe has thin or dry hair they could definitely benefit from trying the product out, since I feel like the formula of this shampoo is made for those hair types.


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