Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioning Shake Spray

I received this product as part of a set of three products to review from Chick Advisor.

I was wearing of the leave in conditioner aspect of this product, and I am not normally a hair product type. The scent of this product is the same as the shampoo and conditioner which is great, though I'm not sure how well the scent will pair with other shampoos. I am sure to run out of the shampoo and conditioner before the spray.

I have been using this product before straightening my hair so far. I love that this product doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy like I put product in my hair. That is the main reason I don't use hair products because I hate the way they make my hair feel. I find it leaves my hair looking a bit smoother when I straighten it. I have wavy/curly hair naturally, and since cutting it shorter my hair is definitely more curly which makes this product almost a must to keep the frizz to a minimum.

I would definitely recommend this product as long as you hold it back far and don't spray directly onto the scalp or roots it won't make your hair greasy. I'm not sure how it will pair with the scents from other shampoos so that will be something to take into consideration if you are purchasing it to use with other products because the scent from this product will linger through the day.


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