Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Julep Maven May Box!

I received my Julep box for May today! I wish I wasn't in the middle of exams or I would be trying out the magnetic polish right now.
The colours are from top to bottom: Nessa (bright lemon sorbet), Ashley (sunset orange with metallic micro shimmer), and  Kylie (sultry violet MAGNETIC polish). Yes the purple is magnetic!! I'm most excited for that one but I forever fail at doing fancy things with my nails so we will see if it actually works for me. There is also a sample of pedi creme which went straight to my mom since she needs pedi stuff badly.


Now the only issue with this months box is that the brush in the polish Ashley is terrible! It's all flared out and frayed. There is no way I can even use this colour until I have a replacement brush which is unfortunate. A lot of people are having this problem and Julep is sending out replacement brushes to anyone that emails them. Since I'm in Canada though I probably won't be able to test the orange out for a few weeks.

Julep has brought back the ONE CENT promo! You can try out a Maven box for a PENNY! Go here http://julep.com/?r=15549118  and fill out your profile. When you are ready to check out use code SHAREONMAY and it should bring the price from $19.99 to $0.01!!

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