Sunday, May 20, 2012

Julep Maven June Box

The swatches for the June Maven boxes are out! Here are the boxes this month:

I have chosen to skip the month because I loathe pink and I feel like I already have the same shades of the other polishes but in different brands. I also have a ton of untried polish from the last few months of maven boxes that I really feel I should get through and wear before thinking about more maven boxes.
I also have to admit that being an adult sucks and I feel like I need to be focusing more on necessity expenses when I already have a huge collection of polish sitting unused. Growing up is great until you realize that money is the root of all evil!!


  1. I've been skipping my maven boxes too. I should just cancel it all together, but I like seeing what the new shades are.

  2. I haven't been a fan of the last few months but had them coming free from referrals so they don't give the option to skip. This is the first month since joining that I don't have the referral bonus which is good because I'm not a fan! I know the Facebook page is buzzing with people in love with the colours, but I just feel like they have been overdone by other brands. I own every colour in other brands already (except for the pink shades because I don't care for pink). I like seeing the new shades, and the referrals bonus is keeping me a member for now. I may give them the rest of the summer to see what they come out with and if I'm still not in love cancel.