Friday, May 11, 2012

Dove Original Beauty Bar

I received this product a couple of weeks ago to test from Chick Advisor and have been using it since. Now at first I was very weary of trying it because it is moisturizing and I have VERY oily skin. Even though this is the original bar it has a very strong scent! The whole bathroom smells like this Dove bar! I don't mind the smell though so it's fine, but if you are a sensitive scent person it probably won't be for you. Based on the scent factor, I would probably never ever attempt to use this bar on my face no matter what because my skin is picky especially my face. I didn't want to risk a huge break out after my skin has been clear so long.

The soap left my skin soft and smooth and I haven't noticed my skin breaking out at all which was one of my biggest concerns when I first received it. My skin is very sensitive and picky about what products I can use and because of that I rarely ever stray too far from my tea tree oil soap that I usually buy. I'm not sure the Dove bar would be something I would buy normally just because it is much more pricey compared to the tea tree oil soap I buy for $1.99, but if the Dove bars ever went on sale for a good enough price I might stock up.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the Dove bar. It exceeded my expectations and I feel like I can add another product to the small list of things my body will tolerate without breaking out.

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