Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Virgin Mobile Members Free Lip Balm from The Body Shop!

Take advantage of this awesome offer until the 29th of April. This deal is open to Virgin Mobile members only. All you have to do is fill out the info asked on this form: and print out the coupon that appears. Take that into your closest The Body Shop store and present the coupon with your cell phone (I didn't have to show them my phone but the coupon states you have to show them your Virgin Mobile phone to get the freebie). They will let you choose one of 6 new 'Born Lippy' lip balms.

I picked mine up on Sunday and ended up getting the plum one. They only had 5 choices left in stock when I was there. They were out of the Lychee shimmer which was the one I kind of wanted. However, the plum lip balm smells amazing! I spent a bit of time in the store trying to decide which kind to get though and I was torn between the pomegranate and plum. My sister was the one that decided for me. I haven't tried it yet as I have a ton of other lip balms in my makeup collection that need to be used up first, but I am pretty positive I am going to love this one.

If you aren't a Virgin Mobile member but still want to try the lip balm they sell for $6 at The Body Shop. Ours was hidden a bit over with all the body lotions and things. I expected it to be in the makeup section so I had to show them the coupon and ask about it or I would have never found it.

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