Monday, March 12, 2012

Julep Maven March Box

It's that time of month again! My March Julep Maven box arrived last week but I was away until yesterday so I got to open it finally last night!
I'm so happy the box is here because I have had to have naked nails for auditions all week so I'm very excited to be able to paint my nails with one of these colours! They also threw in a nail file which will come in handy even though I own a million already! At least I won't ever have to buy nail files again if I keep managing to get them free or nearly free (gotta love sales).

The colours are from top to bottom: Charlotte (purple creme), Jodie (rose with gold shimmer), and Melissa (sheer blue/white pearl colour).

Melissa does not look that spectacular in the bottle but over a deep dark colour it looks so amazing! I was playing around with it and I am in love with this colour.

If you still haven't signed up after all these posts I have about the program you can do so at the link below. Just fill out the survey and find out which box is best for you! There is always the option to skip the month or cancel if you find out later that the program isn't for you. There is also a referral program which allows you to earn free months when you refer two friends and they stay members for 30 days. I have so far received the monthly boxes free! Which is an awesome deal and it makes me love the program even more as I am more than likely a member for life (well until my nail polish stash starts to take over anyway).

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