Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Julep Maven Sign Up for Only $1

Julep Maven is having another $1 promotion!
Fill out the quiz here:
Then once you have your profile and are at the check out enter code: SHAREONFEB
Your box will change from $19.99 to only $1.

It's a great way to try out a monthly subscription box if you have been curious. They also allow you the flexibility to skip months and cancel if you decide the program isn't for you or you just don't have the funds to subscribe every month. They have amazing customer service (though sometimes slow) but they always make it right. I had a missing order from Jan that somehow never was shipped and they placed a new order really fast! They didn't even ask for the invoice or dates the order was placed (which I was prepared to have to give them).
There are more perks as well if you are a member. You get a discount on nail polish purchases in the online store. Plus they will give you a free monthly box for every 2 people you refer to the maven program as long as they join and remain a member for 30 days!
This box far exceeds my expectations, and is the only monthly box I would ever even consider subscribing to after testing out some other monthly box programs out there that just didn't seem worth the money for the products you receive. Also everything you get in these boxes are FULL SIZE! No small samples that you could request at Sephora, but actual full sized products. Each box is usually worth around $60 when you add it all up which is a great deal.

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