Friday, February 10, 2012

Julep Maven February Box!

I got my Julep Maven February box in the mail today! It was FREE because I had enough referrals to get this months free. Wait until you see what showed up!!
I was so shocked and surprised when I saw this:

Man is this thing ever heavy for only having a few polish in it...hmm...Now after tearing into the wrapping and from seeing previous photos on Facebook I knew that a black box meant you got a regular box, while red meant you won a golden box!!!
For those that don't know, Julep was giving out 100 "Golden" boxes this month to random Mavens that were getting a box. I happened to be one of those lucky 100!

Look at all those goodies wrapped up in there! This box is seriously packed full of amazing things! At this point I am so anxious to tear into everything.

First up: Julep Top Coat for hair! Now I'm not too excited about this one, but it was an extra bonus item in some of the boxes. If I didn't win this box I would have never chosen a box with hair stuff in it because I'm not a hair person outside of washing and letting it air dry. I don't spend time on my hair so I don't own a ton of hair products. I might try this out before I straighten my hair since it's a "top coat" maybe it will protect my hair from heat damage.

Next up was a cuticle oil and some dark chocolate shaped like an oscar! Totally cute. I had a few bites of the chocolate and gave the rest away. I'm not a dark chocolate fan :( I hate bitter chocolate. If I'm eating junk food it better be sweet and creamy!! The cuticle oil intrigues me, but I have no idea if I will use it or gift it to my mom or sister. They both have really dry hands and cuticles all the time. My skin is naturally oily and I never have a need for hand creams/oils.

Now I started to unwrap the best part of this box...THE POLISH!

Group shot of all the pretty polish together.

From left to right: Marisa, Rachel, and Oscar

From left to right: Viola (hard to tell but it's a very dark vampy cream purple), Elizabeth (again kind of hard to tell but it is a dark blue/purple shimmer), Meryl, and Glenn

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