Monday, April 19, 2010


Ok so I am a person who wears eyeglasses or else I can't see at all. I do wear my contacts daily now though because I HATE wearing glasses all the time. I have been wearing them for 12 years now and I absolutely hate having to wear them. I wish my eyes weren't so bad that I could just wear glasses to maybe see distances and not need them for the majority of the time.
Maybe I wouldn't mind them if I didn't have such horrible vision...My normal prescription glasses are soooooo thick unless they are thinned, and even when they are thinned out they are still really thick looking. It was something I have always been self aware of and they always made me feel ugly. It didn't help that I also got really good grades and did well in school so it added to the whole nerd thing that I used to be teased about.
Last year I made the decision to switch from glasses to contacts. Well I never really made the decision the decision was made for me. I did a magazine shoot and couldn't even see the camera so my eyes kept coming across as weird looking on camera because I couldn't focus on anything. The photographer had told me I needed to model instead of what I was doing as a day job so I decided it would help if I had contacts and started wearing them daily.
Lately I have been browsing a few online stores for purchasing glasses. I'm not quite sure yet about buying glasses online just because I have strange features, well not strange but much smaller than most people. I love the look of those plastic framed glasses but so far have yet to find anything in stores here that actually fit my nose. Which I hate because I am in love with them and that whole look!

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  1. aw I would have such a hard time finding glasses if I had to wear them. Contacts seem cool though since you can get different colors and such :) and some people just look awesome in glasses