Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Physician's Formula NEW Bamboo Compacts with Full Price Rebate!

I found these in stores a few days ago. I personally think its a great idea. What it is, is an empty bamboo compact that you buy refills for and they magnetically lock in place! The compacts are close to $10 though and they are empty, but right now there is a little sticker on them and it is a full price rebate. I am seriously thinking about going and grabbing one while they have the rebate stickers, since its not likely that I would pay $10 for an empty compact and then $14 for the refill. I wouldn't mind paying the $14 for the refills just not sure how I feel about having to buy the compact AND the refills...I guess that might be why they have the rebates out right now. What are your thoughts on this??


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  2. This looks like a great deal :O) I'll keep an eye open for it!
    Tracy aka tracyo

  3. I am waiting on one of my rebates from the mascara to coome in the mail then I think I may get the compact and hope the powder goes on sale at some point!