Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When to Throw Out that Old Makeup!

Throw out your old makeup!!!!!

Some makeup needs to be thrown out after a certain amount of time. Some ingredients expire and can cause serious skin reactions such as rashes, infections and acne. Most manufacturer's don't put an expiration date on the package because they assume we will use the product up before it expires. Also if you don't replace certain products regularly they will breed bacteria also causing serious skin reactions. Here is an approx. time line for keeping open used makeup.

Mascara : 3 months

Powder Eye Shadow : 9-18 months

Cream Eye Shadow : 6-12 months

Foundation : 6-8 months

Cheek and Lipstick Color : 6-8 months

Sometimes powder expires after around 8 months to a year depending and your skin may start reacting to it after 8 months.

If the products are unopened or unused they should keep for much longer as long as you don't open them or break the seals on the containers that way air stays out.

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